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14th November  2019

2019 - En-garde, Pret, Allez!

Important Club News


Cavaliers Annual General Meeting for 2019:
Reminder that we plan to hold our Annual General Meeting on Saturday 14th December which our last Club day. Meeting will be held at wpm in the gym at ECU Mt Lawley.

Please consider putting your hand up for Committee positions as many of the current Committee including our President Sven will be stepping down. These are volunteer positions and are not too onerous but we would love to get more people involved. 

If you have any queries about any of the positions on offer or need more information then please speak to any of the current Committee members.

The current Committee consists of the following - 

The 2019 Committee

President – Sven Hein
Vice-President – Llewlyn Foley
Secretary – Jim Adamos
Registrar – Steve Gregg
Treasurer – Damian Kneale

General Committee
Equipment Officer – Drew Foley
Assistant Equipment Officer – Perry Ruffo
Armourer – Perry Ruffo
Social Officer – Kathy Ruffo
Tournament Officer – Andrew Munro
Web Page Manager -Elim Wong
Bladez Coordinators – VACANT
Member Protection Office – Andrew Chandran
First Aid Officer: EK Gulland

Attention Bladez Parents:
The last day for Bladez will be Saturday 14th December 2019.
The first day back for Bladez in the new year is 8th February 2020.

Club General Sessions Start in the New Year:
Club session commence the new year 1st February 2020.

Fencing WA Awards Saturday 8th December 
Fencing WA Awards is on Saturday 8th December at 2pm. Cavaliers is hosting and we need help to make it a successful event. Ticket information will be out soon but if we can get some volunteers to help set up and clean down the venue and help with food preparation etc. Please contact Kathy Ruffo via email on to register your name. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

A Funny Fencing Dictionary to Finish Off
Found these online and thought it would be a funny way to finish off our newsletter. Only provided with half what I found. Please no offence intended with any of the below. Hope you enjoy. 

Abstain: French for "so sorry, I wasn't paying attention." 

Advance: Forward motion made by male fencers toward female fencers, usually resulting in a three-yard penalty, a red card, and a slap across the face. 

Alléz: Place to go for a cigarette in the middle of a tournament 

Attack in Preparation: When you sneak up and hit your opponent while they're still putting on their uniform. 

Ballestra: Male ballerina. 

Barrage: Shelling your opponent with cannon fire from several miles away. 

Beat attack: Counting 'a-one, a-two, a-1,2,3,4' before hitting your opponent 

Corps-a-corpse: Sin of the Fleche. French for "full contact fencing." 

Coupe: Little foreign car fencers often drive. 

Croise: A French pastry. 

Derobement: The Houdini-like motions required by fencers to escape their straightjacket-like fencing uniforms. 

Disengage: Getting rid of your fiancee, usually by fencing too much. 

Dry Fencing: Fencing without alcohol 

En Garde: French for "On Guard," a paranoid state in which the fencer believes everyone is out to get him. 

Engagement: What your fiancée breaks when they realize all you care about is fencing 

Envelopment: What fencing does to people who just want to "try it once"  

Feint: What a fencer does after they get their credit card bill from a tournament weekend 

Fencing Time: Usually lost in equipment down time, tournament waiting time, etc. 

FIE: A curse given in Old English. 

Fleche: Is all bruised after a few bouts. 

Foible: The mistake you make that lets your opponent get a hit. 

Foil: What you are trying to do to your opponent 

Forte: The cost of a new blade 

French Grip: The fencers secret handshake 

Guard: What you have to do at tournaments so your teammates don't "borrow" all your food. 

Lamé: Fencers term for a non-fencer 

Off-piste: How you feel when your expensive equipment starts failing 

One-Two: Basic fencing dance step. Followed by "Cha-Cha-Cha."

The ECU Cavalier School of Fencing aims to provide a safe and efficient structure with a friendly inclusive environment in which to enjoy the sport of fencing, where individual ambitions and skills may be pursued and developed.
To provide opportunities to participate and excel at all levels, with strong membership, appropriate coaching and sound resources.
• Further the sport of fencing
• Provide adequate opportunities for participation in fencing
• Encourage sportsmanship in fencing
• Endeavour to provide professional coaching and officiating by means of high and consistent standards     using best practice methods
• Promote sociability amongst members
• Provide efficient and effective administration
• Maintain financial viability
Copyright © 2019 ECU Cavaliers School of Fencing, All rights reserved.

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