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Another weekly email from HelloRemote, which I hope finds you safe & well?

As Governments around the world start implementing stronger measures to tackle Coronvirus, we are now seeing the impact on a range of businesses, particualrly within the sevice and hospitality sector.

I have been encouraged to see shops, hotels and restaurants selling gift cards, as a way to generate income whilst footfall is down. 

The staff at these companies don't have the option to work from home, which right now makes remote working all the more appealing.

In the last week I've rolled out the first of many new features and improvements to the site:

HelloRemote Jobs Board

When you log into your basic account, you can view remote job vacancies by role type.

No need to scroll through a list of irrelevant opportunities, just select the role type that matters to you and see the latest vacancies.

HelloRemote is pulling in remote jobs from multiple jobs boards, so it brings everything together, making it a "one stop shop" for you.

Combine this with the content in the free course, you've got plenty to help land a remote job soon.

Also, for those of you finding yourself working from home for the first time, I've put together my Ultimate List Of Working From Home Tips.



Andrew (@AndrewPyle and @HelloRemoteHQ)

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