The latest news from Bunbury Catholic College Newsletter No 1, Feb. 9, 2017.
Lord Jesus,
We ask you to renew the Spirit in each one of us as we commence our school year.
Help us to live your message of ‘service to others’ as we capture and shape the dreams
of our Bunbury Catholic College Community.
Enlighten and guide our decision making through the creativity and influence of the Holy Spirit. 
May our choices reflect the life that Jesus called us to in breaking open Your vision for the world.
Let justice, respect, compassion, hospitality and excellence colour our time together.
Inspire in us strength of mind, tenacity of purpose and hope-filled patience
so that we meet all our fears and challenges with unswerving courage and lightness of heart.
We make this prayer through Jesus Christ, our Lord and our Light.
Catherine and Marcellin…Pray for us.

Important Dates 
Marist and Mercy
Marist & Mercy
Sat 11 February                    Year 12 School Ball
Mon 13 February                  Year 11 Retreat
Fri 17 February                     Year 7 Activity Day (Re-scheduled from 10 Feb)
Tues 21 February                  Year 7 Photo Day (and photo catch-up day)

Tues 14 February                  Year 8 Parent Night – 6.30pm – PAC
Tues 14 February                  Year 9 Parent Night – 6.30pm – Hall
Thurs 16 February                Year 10 Parent Night – 6.30pm - Hall
Mon 20 February                   P&F Meeting – 7.00pm – Marist Sports Pavilion
Wed 22 February                   Xavier Day
Wed 22 February                  Year 8 & 9 Elevate Study Skills
Wed 22 February                  Year 8 & 9 Elevate Parent Seminar – 6pm – College Hall

Tues 14 February                   Yr. 8 Parent Night – 6.30pm – Angela Costello Breakout Area - Upstairs
Tues 14 February                   Yr. 9 Parent Night – 6.30pm – Angela Costello Breakout Area - Downstairs
Thurs 16 February                 Yr. 10 Parent Night – 6.30pm – Angela Costello Breakout Area - Downstairs
Wed 22 February                   Year 8 & 9 Elevate Study Skills
Wed 22 February                   Year 8 & 9 Elevate Study Skills Parent Seminar – 6pm – Ursula Frayne Centre
Fri 24 February                      Xavier Day

Principal's Message
A very warm welcome to all new and returning staff and students to the 2017 academic year. The year has commenced well with our Year 7 students being assisted by our Peer Support Leaders. We extend a welcome to a number of new teaching and support staff into the College: Ms Teagan Doyle, Ms Leah Stone, Mr Paul Grebe, Mr Matthew Caden, Ms Hope Raaf-Grebe, Mr Raymond Wood, Mrs Andrea Pedley, Mr Bill Curtis, Mrs Moana Edmondson, Mrs Tracey Cowan, Mr Ashley Hoogendyke, Ms Marlene Leemeyer, Mr Andrew Italiano, Mr Samuel Caddy, Mr Patrick Golemo. A special welcome also to Ms Brenda Della-Sale, Mr Bernard Depiazzi, Ms Vanessa Lockwood, Mrs Carmel Forrest, Mrs Tracy Woodhouse, Ms Maria Delle Donne, Mrs Maria Hingston and Mr Barry Gartrell who have returned from leave.
2017 is the bicentenary year for the Marist Order as we celebrate the anniversary of the first two young men who joined Marcellin Champagnat in order to provide education and care for the young people in La Valla in France in 1817. Our founders provide a great role model of trusting in God as they commenced their work. The Marists and the Mercies have been a driving force to provide a service for those in need, especially in education for the young. I would call on our students to follow the example which has been set to be involved in all that is on offer in the College, to strive for excellence in all that they do and aim to be the best person they can be.
It appears that there is always something interesting occurring to challenge our problem solving skills at the beginning of a school year. The staff and students on the Marist campus are to be commended on minimizing their power usage last Thursday when Western Power shut off the power in the area to complete local works. With the cooperation of all on campus we were able to maintain generator power to the essential services for the school day.
If it is not bushfires, it is rain which impacts on our Year 7 camp/activity days! In anticipation of rain which is forecast for tomorrow, the final activity day for Year 7 students has been postponed and will now be held on Friday 17 February. Friday 10 February, therefore, will be a normal school day for Year 7 students.

We have commenced our school year with an Opening Mass and assembly held on each campus. Our Masses were lovely ceremonies and we are very grateful to Fr Wayne Bendotti and Fr Edwin Ocho, our celebrants on the Mercy and Marist campuses, respectively. Our assemblies which followed provided the opportunity to bless and install our student leaders and present them with their badge of office. Our student leaders provide a great service to the school community and it is pleasing to see their willingness to initiate many interesting activities for the students.
The Marist campus assembly also provided the opportunity to make the presentation of the Kelderman Award to Andrew Italiano, who achieved the top ATAR score for BCC in 2016. I am very grateful to the Kelderman family for their continued support in providing this award which recognises academic excellence. Our Ex-Students Association also generously support academic achievement to recognise students who achieve an ATAR score of 99+ and high achievement in Vocational Education and Training. Andrew Italiano joined the 99 Club with a score of 99.35 and Jane Huey was our top VET student for 2016. Both students received their awards and $1 000 to assist them in their further studies.
Academic success and achieving personal best comes from hard work. All students, especially our Year 11 and 12 students, are encouraged to aim for excellence in all that they do. This requires students to apply themselves consistently, complete all work set by their teachers and establish a good revision program to revise the work covered each week. This will ensure that each student is thoroughly prepared for their daily lessons and their assessments. All students should set reasonable, though challenging goals in each course and ensure that they attend school each day. Disruption to the learning program from avoidable absences should be minimised and I ask parents to avoid taking students, especially senior students, on holiday during term time.  

In December, BCC hosted the Marist Cricket Carnival. While we had limited success on the field, the carnival was a great success, in no small part because of the sporting efforts of our team and the hospitality provided by our host families who billeted the visiting students. I am very grateful to the many staff, students and parents who had a role to play in the success of the carnival and special thanks to Mr Travis McGuire for his overall management of this significant event on our school calendar.
The first two days of the Year 7 Activity Days has gone very smoothly and the children have had a great time engaged in the various structured activities and had the opportunity to get to know many new people. The assistance of the Peer Support Leaders and staff have been much appreciated during this transition into secondary school.
Our best wishes to our Year 12 students for an enjoyable Ball which is to be held this Saturday evening. This is always a lovely event and our students do us proud in their presentation and behaviour on the night. Thank you to the Ball committee and the staff who have worked hard to ensure that everyone has a great time.
God bless you all.
Denise O’Meara - Principal


College News

College Leadership Structure
The Principal and Vice Principal are responsible for the whole school and will spend time on each campus. Should the need arise, parents are able to contact either campus to speak to the Principal or Vice Principal to address any issue.
On the Mercy campus we have a Head of Year for each Year group and these staff members have Deputy Principal responsibility on this campus. On the Marist campus we have two Deputy Principals and a Head of Year responsible for each year group. Our Heads of Learning oversee the learning programs for their area of responsibility across the whole school.

Parent Information Evenings
We have commenced our parent information evenings this week for parents of students in Year 7, 11 and 12 with the remaining meetings to be held next week. These sessions are an important means of informing parents of critical information to assist in the education of our students. The evening also provides an opportunity for parents to meet Homeroom teachers who provide that important link for parents.

School Communication 
With the growing complexity of our College it is important that we have good lines of communication. To assist parents and students the follow forums are available to access information and to communicate with staff members:
Fortnightly Newsletter – which is available every second Thursday commencing this week. This Newsletter is distributed via an email link to the parent-nominated email address. Should a parent prefer a hard copy of the newsletter, please contact Mrs Granger to request a hard copy to be given to your child. The Newsletter is also posted on our website.
Student Homework Planner – Parents and Teachers can communicate through the student planner.
Parent Engage (Coneqt) – Parents will be given a user name and password to access the Coneqt portal. Coneqt access is found on the College website, ‘Coneqt access’. Most school documents, the College calendar and academic and pastoral information about your child are placed within this portal. There is also a Direqt messaging facility within this portal allowing parents to communicate with their child’s teachers. Should a parent have difficulties using the portal or require a username and password, from the College website click on Coneqt Access, scroll down to the button for ‘Parent Assistance’ to send an email requesting help.

With regard to communication, please find a welcome message from Mr Tim McDonald, Executive Director of Catholic Education Western Australia here. 

2017 Parent Involvement Form
Distributed shortly will be the annual Parent Involvement Form and I ask all parents to consider their obligation to assist in some way during the year. All families commit to providing assistance when signing the Enrolment Agreement when they accept enrolment at the College. When forms are returned, lists of volunteers for each activity are compiled. The person or people responsible for the activity use these lists to call on assistance as the need arises.  

P & F 2017
The first meeting for the Marist campus P & F will be held on Monday 20 February and the Mercy campus P & F will be held on Monday 27 February. All parents from our College community are invited to attend the meeting at their child’s campus, to support the parent activities in our school, to keep up to date with developments in the school and to raise issues of concern.  There are only four meetings a year and meetings commence at 7 pm and will be held in the Angelo Costello Centre (the new building) on the Mercy campus and in the Marist Sports Pavilion on the Marist campus. The Mercy campus P&F Executive will be elected at the first meeting. Any parents who would like to nominate for a role on the Executive or to be a Year group representative are invited to submit their name to Mrs Gunson (97203300).

School Calender
Since the term dates and the school calendar were published late last year a few changes have been necessary. The Calendar on the College website and on Coneqt is updated regularly and should provide the most up-to-date version at any time. Each Newsletter provides a snap shot of coming events and will note calendar changes as they occur.

Traffic Management
All parents are asked to support the College in keeping the school grounds and surrounding streets safe for our students at the beginning and end of the school day by adhering to the school zone speeds, using approved drop off and pick up points and driving safely.  As these areas are very busy, it is recommended to delay the time you collect your child in the afternoon or arrange a pick up point a block away from the school.
Marist Campus
Drop off and pick up points:  The Rodsted Street car park, the driveway from Rodsted Street to Petherick Street, Petherick Street.
Areas that are not drop off and pick up points:  The Administration car park (on Petherick Street), the Flynn Street car park and driveway and the Trade Training Centre car park (Petherick Street).
Mercy Campus
All parents are asked to use the designated student drop off/car park. Please do not park behind the buses and leave space in front of the first bus to allow easy egress. Should the drop off lane be full, please park on Leisure Drive until the drop off area clears.
Thank you in anticipation for your cooperation in these matters.

Change in Family Contact Details
It is important to inform the office of any changes to family contact details: address, phone number, email etc. In order to provide duty of care for our students, these details must be kept up to date.

Attendance/Absences/Late Arrival/ Early Departure
Schools are required to maintain a register of student attendance for all children enrolled at the school. These attendance registers are audited on a cyclical basis and school funding is linked to enrolment numbers and attendance. Schools require written explanations for student absence within three days of the absence. Duty of care also requires of us that we are informed prior to the start of a school day should a student be absent. Please email or phone the office on or before a day of absence and provide a written note verifying your child’s absence and the reason for the absence.
Students arriving late or leaving early must come through the office and sign in and out.

The Marist Bicentennial 
On Monday 2 January, in excess of 150 people gathered at St Joseph’s Church in Subiaco to celebrate the Marist Brothers Bicentenary 1817-2017. This event was celebrated internationally on 2 January, as this was the date that Marcellin Champagnat welcomed two young men into a house which he had rented in the town of La Valla in France where he was assistant pastor. Their names were Jean-Baptiste Audras and Jean-Marie Granjon. They became the first Marist Brothers, and the date became known as the Foundation Day.
At a local level, the choosing of the venue in which to celebrate this significant event in Western Australia was based on the site of the first Marist school in Perth, St Joseph’s Church, Subiaco.
We were privileged to have as Principal Celebrant, the Most Reverend Bishop Holohan, Bishop of Bunbury.  Bishop Holohan has a strong connection to the Marist Brothers, having been a part of the Marist Brothers Community and Chaplain at Newman College during the 1980s/90s. Bishop Holohan is an Affiliated Member of the Marist Brothers.
Concelebrating priests included the Very Reverend Peter Whitely, Vicar General of Perth, Rev Fr Joseph Walsh, Parish Priest St Joseph’s Subiaco,  Rev Fr Jeff Aldous, Parish Priest Baldivis and Rev Fr Pat Rooney (retired).
In his Homily, Bishop Holohan recalled the story of the Foundation of the Marist Brothers, with Marcellin’s mission being to bring hope, education and the message of Jesus’ love to young lives throughout rural France, especially those most disadvantaged. Bishop Holohan reflected on the gospel stories and the miracles performed by Jesus and urged members of the congregation to strengthen their faith commitment to become miracle seekers rather than miracle watchers.
At the conclusion of Mass, morning tea was served on the piazza adjacent to the Church. This provided an opportunity for catching up with friends and reminiscing about past experiences.
It was especially gratifying to witness the range of those who attended, Marist Brothers, past and present, to principals past and present, to students past and present and to staff past and present.  Also in attendance was a number of members of the newly formed Marist Association of St Marcellin Champagnat.
This event has commenced the Bicentenary year in which we will celebrate a number of occasions, providing opportunity to re-tell the Marist Story of which we are all a part.

School Fees
The Annual School Fees Account Statement will be sent out later this month.
Mrs Nola Jennings (Assistant Bursar) & Mrs Claire Blachford (Debtors Clerk) are available between 9.30am and 3.30pm for appointments, to discuss 2017 school fees, set up payment plans or change existing direct debit arrangements. If you require fees assistance for 2017, or would just like some information regarding school fees, please feel free to contact the College on 9721 0000 for an appointment time.
Families holding Health Care, Pension or supporting parent cards may be eligible for the Education Allowance and Health Care Card (HCC) discount.
Please note that a new application form must be completed annually for Health Care Card Discounts, Education and Uniform Allowances and Fee Concession Reviews.
The closing date for the HCC, Educational and Uniform Allowances is Friday 7 April 2017. Applications cannot be accepted after this date. 
Mrs Nola Jennings
Assistant Bursar 

College Activities

Year 12 Council of Student Leaders
Student Executive
Head Girl & Head Boy
Jessica Carbone & Matthew Griffin
Executive Officers
Sophia Musitano & Matthew Busher
Academic Captains
Emily Sykes & Joe Mazza
Arts Captains
Demi Cheek & Liam Harris
Liturgy Captains
Lindsay Dagnall & Emily Walker
Sports Captains
Shantelle Tassone & Owen Griffin
Stewardship Captains
Christy Taylor & Sian O’Sullivan
Marcellin House Captains
Ryley Clarke & Zac Jerrard
McCauley House Captains
Ellie-Brie Rognetta & Matthew Frisina
Valentine House Captains
Alana Gianotti & Jimmy Went
Xavier House Captains
Ellena Gillett & Kai Luzi

Extraordinary Ministers 2017
Nicholas Brown
Jessica Carbone
Lindsay Dagnall
Liam Harris
Joseph Mazza
James O’Loughlin
Christy Taylor
Stephanie Power
Bethany Powley
Emily Walker
David Watkins

Mercy Campus Student Leaders
  8 9 10 11
SRC Daniel Godwin
Caoimhe Mahoney

Braith Townsend
Erika Esquillo
Riley Elstermann
Kyle Lee

Senior Leadership Team:
Emma Drew
Julia Dwyer
Caris de Oliviera
Jake Maughan
Carla Rojas
Larissa Tartaglia

McAuley Mitchell Lawler
Domenico Celisano

Leila Dwyer
Anthony Perrella
Nic Cant
Georgie Fiore
Marcellin Emily Coutts
Jack Cross

Alysse Krispyn
Jayden Bertolini-Wolfe
Kayla Aitken
Kaidyn Watt

Valentine Charlotte Pierce
Clara O’Donovan

Andrea Rojas
Conor Tilbrook
Lily Birch
Owen Raymond

Xavier Sophie Hart
Genevieve Holland

Zoe Paterson
Noah McAneny
Emily Hart
Luke Kennedy


Marist Campus Student Leaders
  8 9 10 11 12
SRC Ella Hutton
Byron Musitano
Caitlin O’Connor
Gavin Reddin
Jessie Nalder
Lewis Fuller Hill
Joshua Italiano
Deborah Louro
Jessica Carbone
Matt Griffin
McAuley Jessica Fulton
Michael Kavanagh
Andrew Maranta
Aaron Santos
Josie Thompson
Thomas O’Brien
Rachel Gibbs
Paige O’Neil
Ellie-Brie Rognetta
Matthew Frisina
Marcellin Adrienne Kiesler
Harry Thomas
Hannah Lowe
Christian Whitfield
Lauren O’Connor
Lacey Adams
Hayley Gulberti
Nicholas Pemberton
Ryley Clarke
Zac Jerrard
Valentine Aimee Licciardello
Kaiden Richings
Tiani Knox
Kane Patterson
Sian Szolkowski
Bailey Edwards
Madeline Congdon
James Granger
Alana Gianotti
James Went
Xavier Emma Norrish
Heinrick Helm
Sienna Smargiassi
Jake Radford
Matilda Robinson
Beau Luzi
Cian Parsons
Michael Garvey
Ellena Gillett
Kai Luzi

Peer Suupport Leaders
Lily Birch
Ella Bognar
Elizabeth Kiss
Phoebe Waddell
Emily Young
Mia Chapman-Sara
Georgie Fiore
Damien Gervasi
Kirstyn Kent
Kai Sharpe
Shelby Burton
Anthony Carbone
Cecilia Celisano
Jessica Gervasi
Emily Hart
Cassidy James
Kate Wilks
Emma Drew
Carol Karanja
Carla Rojas
Ipsita Singh
Larissa Tartaglia
Ryan Bailey
Caitlin Carmody
Georgia Jauncey
Jake Maughan

Year 10 Year 9
Madeleine Congdon Lacey Adams
Jaimee Dixon-Hotchkin Rikki Allen
Hayley Gulberti Nathalia Amat
Ellen King Mardee Duce
Kiah Knox Sarah Hobson
Trinity Mangano Samara Martin
Isobella Misa Grace Monkhouse
Kayla Myburgh  
Milly O’Brien  
Summar-Jade Page  
Simone Reilly  
Amy Seale  
Erinn Shaw  
Breanna Ursino  
  Kyle Borlini
Luke Commins Bailey Edwards
Adam Cronin Lewis Fuller-Hill
James Granger Max Leblanc
Alfio Patane Samuel Lee
Nic Pemberton Thomas O’Brien
Charles Reddin Ben Steele
  James Te

Year 7 Activity Days
Our Year 7 students have had a fun-filled few days participating in activities which help develop their self-awareness, personal development, team building, problem solving and environmental awareness.This is a wonderful opportunity for the students and staff to get to know each other in a  more relaxed environment, away from the classroom. The friendships made on these days are a great way to start life at BCC. 
Music has started with a roar this year. The choirs produced some wonderful singing in the Opening Masses and instrumental lessons are under way. Please submit your child’s instrumental tuition online enrolment form available here if you haven't already. 

Band Camp will happen on the 22 -  24 March at Busselton - three days of fun and music by the sea. Information and registration can be accessed on SEQTA – Parents Documents: Band Camp or
 from Ms Liddelow at the Mercy T&E office or the PAC office at Marist. This camp is open for any student who belongs to (or is going to belong to) one or more of the following groups:  Percussion Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, Choir, Jazz Band or Orchestra. There are only 60 places available, so be quick as they are filling fast.

Welcome to Ms Suzanne Leclair who is taking on our choir groups at Marist:  Girls Choir, Concert Choir and Boys A Capella. We are looking forward to a very productive year.

The Music Department at both campuses run a range of activities before school, lunchtime and after school.  Some of these activities require some skill level and others are for beginners of any age.  Check the schedules below.

Mercy students: You will see a number of activities are run at Marist after school and these are open to Mercy students to attend. If you wish to be part of these, simply give your name to Ms Liddelow so that you can be added to the bus list of students who travel to the Marist campus for sports and other activities. Parents, please be aware of the finishing time for each of these activities and arrange a pick-up at the Marist campus.
 Mercy: All activities are in TE6
  Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Before school   Guitar Ensemble with Mr Campbell   Concert Choir with Mr Mac and Mrs Morgan
Recess Mr Macs Guitar Jamz: no skill required      
Lunch Rock Tech with Mr Mac: for emerging rock bands Liturgical Choir with Mr Mac   Woodwind ensemble: an invitation group with Mrs Morgan
After School   Bus to Marist for Brassomatic – free brass lessons and
Boys Barber Shop Quartet with Ms Sue Leclair
Bus to Marist for Jazz Band with Ms Liddelow – for skilled musicians
Orchestra for those learning brass, woodwind or strings
Marist: Please check the venues and entry requirement
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Before school   PAC foyer:
Girls choir – by audition with Ms Leclair and Mrs Morgan
Green Room:
Jazz Guitar Ensemble with Mr Campbell: this is an invitation group
PAC foyer:
Concert Choir with Ms Leclair, Mrs Morgan and Mr Sam Caddy at piano.  For any student who would like to sing
PAC foyer:
Pre-choir: for students who are not quite ready for concert choir. Anybody may attend – give your name to Mrs Morgan first.
Lunch P3
Woodwind ensemble – by invitation with Mrs Morgan
BCCPOP: sing-a-long and ukes: no previous knowledge is required
For serious music students to help their ability to read music
Liturgy Choir with Mr de Lima
For anyone who wishes to sing in the choir for mass.
After School Green Room:
Rock Tech with Mr Campbell.  For emerging rock bands. Y7 to 10.
Green Room:
Percussion Ensemble with Ms Gracie Smith.  For any student interested in drums.
(pictured below) 
Brassomatic: Learn to play an instrument for free with one to take home for only $10 a term.  Open to any student.
Boys A Capella with Ms Sue Leclair.  This is an invitation group.
Jazz Band with Ms Liddelow.  This is for experienced players.
Orchestra – for all students taking woodwind, brass or strings.
Year Eleven Retreat 
Over the next week Year Eleven students in GENERAL and in ATAR Religious Education courses will be preparing for and following up on matters relating to Catholic Teachings on Sexuality and Relationships. This topic will be the focus of the Year Eleven Retreat (Mon. Feb 13) which will be led by Choicez Media, assisted by BCC staff. Choicez Media is a recognised and respected source of material for use in Catholic schools. The Retreat allows boys and girls to examine Catholic Teachings on Sexuality in their own gender group. The Religious Education classes will not be segregated and each group will be given the opportunity to look at sexual morality from both their own perspective, and that of the opposite gender group. Anyone who has any concerns or queries about the up-coming classes or the content of the Retreat is invited to contact Mrs Barrow or Mrs May at the College.

CSL Opportunity
Disabled Surfers Association South West are holding another Let's go Surfing day this Sunday.  New volunteers and participants are welcome. No  surfing experience needed, please find details here .
South West Academy of Sport are hosting their 3rd Annual SWAS/Telstra Fun Run Relay event on the 18th March 2017 at 8.00am. They are currently looking for students to volunteer for set-up, marshalling, registrations, event spotter (leading race athletes) and the watering station. For more information ph 9795 1783.

Delivery of ‘Care to be Square’ blankets and MakerSpace gift bags to South Africa

Thanks to SAA's generous new luggage allowance, I was able to take all the blankets made by our staff, students and their knitting buddies and 90 gift bags to South Africa. A new Catholic Home has just opened in Newcastle, my home town, and it was suggested to me by the parish that they may be better recipients for our blankets. The blankets were warmly received and they asked me to let our knitters know that they can use as many blankets as we can knit, which is a great incentive for us to keep knitting. The 'Care to be Square' project will be continued this year, so we would appreciate donations of 8 ply wool and size 4 knitting needles for this good cause.

The beautiful gift bags made by our MakerSpace students were filled with goodies and lollies and I was privileged to deliver them to St Anthony's Children's home. It was a humbling experience to see how much the staff do for so many children with such limited resources. I was impressed with how much care and love the children appear to receive and was proud of our students for bringing each child a little Christmas joy.

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of this project.

Mrs Colleen Edwards


PARTY (Prevention of Alcohol and Risk-Related Injury in Youth) fundraiser
Together with Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School, BCC will be hosting the Premier of the locally filmed movie 'Jasper Jones’. Tickets are $25 and include wine and cheese before the show. This event is a charity fundraiser  for the PARTY ( Prevention of Alcohol and Risk-Related Injury in Youth) program, which  is a reality based youth program educating our local 15-25 yr olds about risk taking and possible consequences and is available to selected Year 10 students in the South West. Tickets will be  available soon, Save the date - Thursday March 2nd 8pm, Grand Cinemas Bunbury.

Mercy Campus 

College Tutorials
The College Staff run a number of tutorials in various learning areas to assist students.
It is important that students access these extra classes to assist them in the areas where they are experiencing difficulties.
Mercy Campus
 ·           Homework Club  is run each Wednesday in the Learning Commons from 3.00 to 4.00pm. 
             Students are welcome to come and ask for assistance with current work and upcoming
             assessments. Teachers of English, Humanities and Science are available to provide one-on-one
             assistance as required. All are welcome!
·            Maths Tutorials will take place in Room CM17 every Thursday from 3.00 to 4.00pm and will
             continue every week. You are welcome to come to ask that one question and stay for 5 minutes, or
             work on your homework, assignments, etc. for longer. It is up to you! See you there! Lunchtime
             tutorials are available on request. Please see your teacher to arrange.
·            Humanities Tutorials for Years 7 to 9 are on Wednesdays in the Learning Commons from 3.00 to
             4.00pm.  Please come along if you need a little extra assistance or advice with Humanities matters.
             All year groups very welcome to attend.
·            Science Tutorials provide assistance with Science related questions/problems and are available 
             during the regular Wednesday Homework Club in the Learning Commons between 3.00 to 4.00pm.
             Science teachers will be called to assist any students who attend Homework Club with Science
             related questions. So, bring a friend, bring your Science homework, or your Science questions, and
             be sure to ask for help from a Science teacher. Any student from Years 7 to 10 is welcome to come
             along. You can stay for as long or as short as you like. See you there.

Marist Campus 

College Tutorials - Marist Campus
·           Accounting & Finance Tutorials - Wednesday and Thursday - 3.00 to 4.00pm.
·           Biology Tutorials - Upper School - Are available by request - Rooms S3 & S4 - 3.10 to 4.00pm.
·           Chemistry Tutorials - Year 11 to 12 -  Tuesdays - Room S2 - 3.05 to 4.00pm.
·           Dance Tutorials - Year 12 ATAR - Available as required.
·           Drama Tutorials  - Are available as required. Students need to speak to their class teacher.
·           EES - Tutorials are by request.
·           English Tutorials - All Years -  Wednesdays -  Learning Commons - 3.05 to 4.00pm.
            Whether you are a struggling or an awesome English student, you are strongly encouraged
            to seek advice on how to make your work better.
·           After School Homework Venue -  Every day from 3.00 to 4.00pm - Learning Commons.
            The venue provides students with the opportunity to complete homework, attend tutorials or
            study in a quiet environment.
·           Human Biology - Upper School - Are available by request - Rooms S3 & S4 - 3.10 to 4.00pm.
·           Humanities Tutorials - All Years - Wednesdays - Learning Commons - 3.00 to 4.00pm.
            Please come along if you need a little extra assistance or advice with Humanity matters. All
            year groups very welcome to attend.
·           IT - Computer Science ATAR, Certificate II IT, Applied Info Tech - Tuesdays - LC2 - 3.05 to 4.00pm.
·           Mathematic Tutorials - Year 7 & 8 - Thursdays - Vet 2 - 3.00 to 4.00pm. Bring a friend,
            bring your homework, bring your questions – there will be lots of Mathematics teachers there
            and we are happy to help. Any student from Years 7 and 8 is welcome to come along. You
            can stay for as long or as short as you like.
·           Mathematic Tutorials - Year 9 to 12  - Thursdays - Vet 1 - 3.00 to 4.00pm. Bring a friend,
            bring your homework, bring your questions – there will be lots of Mathematics teachers there
            and we are happy to help. Any student from Years 9 to 12 is welcome to come along. You
            can stay for as long or as short as you like.
·           Media Year 12 ATAR - Are available as required. Students need to speak to their class
            Music Practical & Theory - Wednesday Lunchtimes - PAC 3
·           PE Studies Tutorials - Are available as required. Students need to speak to their class teacher.
·           Physics Tutorials - Year 11 to 12 - Tuesdays - Room S6 - 3.05 to 4.00pm.
·           Religion & Life Tutorials - Year 12 ATAR - Thursdays - Room C7  - 7.30 to 8.15am
            Other tutorial times to be announced. This is an opportunity to reinforce assessment and exam writing skills.
·           Science Tutorials - Years 7 to10 - Tuesdays - Room S3 - 3.05 to 4.00pm.
·           Science Tutorials - Upper School - Available on request.
Marist Canteen Roster
Mercy Cafe Roster

Vocational Education, Training and Careers

Marist Career Counselling
Please visit the VET/Careers Centre to schedule an appointment to see Mr or Mrs Downes for Career Counselling.
Mrs Downes –          Years 10 and 11
Mr Downes –            Years 9, 10 and 12

Mercy Career Counselling
Please visit the Front Administration Office to schedule an appointment for Career Counselling.
MERCY:        Mrs Downes – Years 9, 10 and 11 Tuesdays between 8.30am and 12.00pm
(excluding Tuesday 14/2/17)

Friday meetings are by appointment only. Students/Parents wanting an appointment for Fridays must make the appointment prior to 12.00pm Thursdays. Appointments available between 9.30am and 2.00pm

VET/Careers Board
We have a careers notice board where we post traineeship and apprenticeship opportunities. We also post part-time work vacancies. So if you are looking for these opportunities be sure to check it out on a regular basis as new vacancies are arriving all the time.
 Current Vacancies
 ¨  Auto Mechanic (Small Engine) apprenticeship
 ¨  Wall and Floor Tiling apprenticeship
For more information visit the VET/Careers Centre

The Back Page

There are many opportunities for participation in sport at the moment. So get involved! 
The Bunbury Rowing Club program for 2017 is set to commence on Friday, Week 2. Students who were part of the program in 2016 are invited back this year. We are also calling for Expressions of Interest for any student who was not involved last year but is keen to be part of the program this year. ALL students who intend to do the Rowing program this year are asked to go the PE office at each campus to register their name. Buses from each campus will again transport students to Bunbury Rowing Club after school and students will need to organise their lift home at the conclusion of training. Any further questions please contact Mrs Gann at Mercy or Mr Alava at Marist.

YEAR 7, 8 , 9. Expression of interests are now being called for any boy or girl that is interested in playing cricket for the College against Dalyellup College on the following dates: Year 7 Cricket - Game in Week 6, Thursday 9/3. Year 8 Cricket - Game in Week 8, Wednesday 22/3. Year 9 Cricket - Game in Week 9, Monday 27/3. All teams are open to boys and girls. It is important to remember that these teams are the school representative teams and are not separate campus teams. The games are only in the afternoon with students departing school at 12.35pm and will be held at Dalyellup College from 1pm to approximately 5pm. Nomination forms can be found in the PE Office and close at the end of Week 3, Friday March 17. After this date, trials details will be released to those who registered their interest. Thank you. Mr Alava

For Marist students, if you are in Yr 9, 10, 11 & 12 and wish to be considered to play cricket for the College in the Kim Hughes Shield or in the Marist Carnival later on in the year please attend a meeting in C7 at lunch on Friday 10 February. Please be prompt. For Mercy students, the meeting will be held on at lunch time Friday 17 February in AC8. Mr Norrish

SWSSA SWIMMING Nomination forms for students who are interested in trialling for a spot in this year's SWSSA Interschool Swim team are now open. Details for the sessions are as follows: Date: Every Friday starting February 10 through to March 10. Time: 6.50am-7.40am Venue: South West Sports Centre Students will be required to make their own way to the Sports Centre by 6.50am and at the conclusion of training, students will be dropped off by the school bus at their relevant school campus. Breakfast cheese sandwiches will also be provided for all students once the bus arrives at the Marist campus. In order to be eligible for selection, students must attend a minimum of 3 sessions and register at least one recorded time trial at the training sessions. If you are unable to complete a time trial due to geographical locations, and wish to still be considered for the team, YOU MUST contact Mr Alava as a ratified competition time less than 3 months old can be used for selection consideration if you have approval. If you are interested please fill in the nomination forms outside the PE office. Nominations are only open for one week so get in ASAP. Mr Alava

SCHOOLS TENNIS CLASSIC Expressions of Interest are now being called for Tennis Classic nominations. Only students who have played/playing competition tennis are asked to nominate. The school will once again be fielding teams in this year's competition. Details for the event are as follows: Date: Tuesday, February 21 2017 Venue: Bunbury Tennis Club Time: 9.30am-2.30pm Competition: Herbert Edwards Cup Boys and Girls (Yr 7-9), Mursell Shield Boys and Girls (Yr 10-12) Please be aware that all teams will be seeded and the College will be looking to field our strongest teams in the competition. As such, team selections may be made by the College. Interested students are asked to fill in nomination forms at the PE Office. Nominations close Tuesday, February 14. Any questions please contact Mr Alava or Mrs Gann at your campus.

Monster Garage Sale for the BCC Netball Touring Team
Plenty of bargains of household furniture, sporting equipment, electronics, clothing, books etc.
WHEN:    Saturday, 25th February 2017
TIME:       8AM - 12 NOON

Marist Basketball Carnival 
Congratulations to the following boys who have been selected to represent BCC at the Marist Basketball Carnival in Brisbane in the April school holidays:
Dom     Dagostino
Clayton Dickinson
Nick     Dinkgreve
Logan   Farr
Ben      Harris
Craig    Kamocha
Mitchell Lawler
Finn      Rossiter
Griffin   Russell
Patrick Wright
 Reserve: Nick Ruland
 Ms Kerry Langley - coach


Ex-Students Association activities

We celebrate our top Year 12 students
Congratulations to our Kelderman Award Winner (top ATAR 2016) and 99 Club inductee, Andrew Italiano and our top VET student from 2016 , Jane Huey. Andrew was presented with the Kelderman Award by Mrs Trish Kelderman. Andrew and Jane were presented with a cheque from the BCC Ex-Students' Association by Mrs Nola Jennings. Congratulations to them both for their hard work, dedication and focus. We wish them and all our 2016 leavers all the best in their future careers.
Reunion news

This year classes that end on '7' will be celebrating significant anniversaries ie the class of 2007 is celebrating 10 years. Do you recognise any of these people at their Year 12 Ball? If you would like to organise a reunion, we can help. Please email Mrs Jacqui Granger.

Community News 

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