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Pablito Planeta - Design Astrologist, Discover what the stars have in store for you this year, from the hand of Pablito Planeta In this first installment, we will find out how the planets center-align for all designers starting with Aquarius, Capricorn, and Aries. May prosperity and colorful gradients be on your side.

Fun Font Pairings, This website will help you create fun font pairings. The goal of font pairing is to select fonts that share a theme yet have a pleasing contrast. Here you can generate font combinations with deep learning.

10 Misconceptions of UX Design. A fun little game in which you learn some basic wrong ideas about interaction design.


Photographer: Shirley Yu, Check out the amazing work by Shirley Yu. New York-based photographer. Her work is rather colorful, and one of the central themes that we can see throughout her work is the search for inclusivity and diversity.

100 lessons for 2021. The team at put together some trends and things learned in the past year. Pretty cool ready.

  Wishing you the best in this new year :)

"Prediction is very difficult, especially if it's about the future."
— Niels Bohr

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