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Inspiration: Zero Egg 🥚

I feel like I've seen a ton of food sites that look similar to this page in the last couple of months. They all use vibrant hues, bold typefaces, flat backgrounds, hand-made illustrations, and in-your-face flash photography that somehow makes the food look delicious. Are they all made by the same agency?

Well, this is another one of those sites. Still pretty inspiring. It uses the bold and fun type Obviously, pencil illustrations, and striking photography. I'm vegan, and even I find this stuff delicious.

Saw that? I sneakily told you I'm vegan. It's something we vegans do. We remind people that we don't eat animal products and judge those who do—it makes us feel superior. Yeah, we always try to make stuff about ourselves. We're insufferable.

Mixcloud 🎧

Mixcloud is an audio culture global community that explores and streams millions of DJ mixes, radio shows, and podcasts to satisfy every mood and taste—for free.

The landing page uses a font designed by Pangram called Sine Sans that replaces different waveforms and sound engineering symbols as letters. Sine as in Sine Waves, and it's a page about music stuff. Get it? I know, it's pretty cheesy but also fun. At least they took that risk, and I respect that.

Traverse 💡

It's always a good time to learn a new skill; Traverse is a tool that helps you memorize stuff using scientifically backed methods. The app comes with linked notes, mind-mapping, active recall, and spaced repetition flashcards. They have different free courses you can try—French, Chinese, Java, Learning how to Learn, and others.

Create Figma Plugin 🔋 

This page is a comprehensive toolkit for developing Figma plugins step by step. It's never too late to build something for the community!

Lina Forsgren

Lina is an art director and graphic designer based in Stockholm, working cross-disciplinary in visual communication. Her work focuses on print, web, and illustration projects. See what inspires her day-to-day on Instagram

Sometimes Times

Sometimes Times is a serif typeface designed by Sam G. Hughes. Old Style serifs and 90’s culture inspired its design. The family is available in two styles—regular and italic works ideally in big and medium sizes. You can download a trial!

Space Type Generator 😵

I'm pretty sure I've already sent you this one. I don't care—it's still cool. Kiel Mutschelknaus’s constantly evolving Space Type Generator has the power to hypnotize you. The web app thingy lets you input text and renders it through various shapes, patterns, and waves. Just play with the sliders and options to get something dope.

You're only as good as your last haircut.
Fran Lebowitz

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