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Hello, friends. How's life? What have you been up to? For those in the US... how many pounds did you gain this weekend? 

I've been busy creating content on Instagram. I've adapted comics to the carousel format, and I think they fit pretty well. I'm also working on a variable font made with illustrations. I hope to have it ready as a Xmas gift for all of you! 🎁
But that's not the subject of this email. I just wanted to share a link to a site that has truly made me smile. Fibery is yet another collaboration tool that claims to be all-in-one but is mediocre at everything. That description is not from me, that's from their site! I appreciate the candor and brutal honesty in their copy. It makes me really wanna try their product, be a part of their journey. What I love is the reasoning on why they made it... We can't help building another one. I've found myself in that situation. I mean, this newsletter is precisely that. Just Another Newsletter with the same old news... but I just couldn't help myself making it. Lol. 

I genuinely like that you can make your workspace and create your own apps visually. No Code FTW!
Anyway, maybe you're not shopping for a new collab tool, but I think you would still appreciate their marketing copy. I wish more companies were more honest like that, instead of promising the impossible.

Go check out Fibery.

You're not stupid. Jazz is stupid

—Dwight Schrute.


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