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Richard Feynman Burning Out

In this snippet, Richard Feynman talks about how he burned out even after working in what he loves's the most, physics. But then, he found joy again when he began acting on things that excited him. He didn't explore these ideas because they were important but because they amused him.

Let’s remind ourselves to play with the stuff that feels fun to us—the things and spark our curiosity. We shouldn't worry if the idea sounds dumb—I would actually encourage us to explore the weirder ideas.


Well, this weekend, I followed my own advice and worked on a dumb idea—a web teleprompter that uses the deprecated marquee HTML tag from the '90s. The implementation sounded fun, dumb, and... a bit challenging. So, I collabed with my friend Pixel Geek and built this OKish teleprompter on Webflow.

You could use this for reading your scripts while you record a video or something. The implementation is super buggy—cuz it uses a deprecated tag, lol. But, maybe if you think this is useful, we might build this with CSS animations—the correct way.

FigJam by Figma  

FigJam is a new whiteboard space that feels great for brainstorming ideas, drawing user journeys, card sorting, sticky-note-taking, etc. It's quite fun.


An open-source typeface catalog focusing on contemporary fonts. Pretty neat for finding cool fonts that you might not have seen before.

Happy Hues 🌈

A color palette inspiration site with real-world examples showing how different colors look in your projects.

Aurélia Durand

Aurélia is a French illustrator who represents joyful, proud, and empowered people through a vivid and colorful art that celebrates diversity. Follow her on Instagram

Girl Culture Films 📽️‍ (inspiration)

Girl Culture Films develops and produces documentaries, films, and commercials helmed by A-list female and gender non-conforming directors.

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