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Vacation by Poolside FM 🌴

A brand-new sunscreen by Poolside FM—a nu-disco online radio slash Soundcloud account. The brand is launching this summer—perfect for when we're all (hopefully) vaccinated, finally free, getting tanned by the beach.

Lofi.Cafe 🎧

I love this player with live lo-fi stations to relax and focus—the aesthetics of the loops, the interface, and... just everything.

Sourcery ✨

Sourcery helps you write clean, well-structured code that suggests real-time improvements; it's like a Grammarly for code!


Druk typeface is a peculiar sans serif designed by Berton Hasebe with three widths and weights, starting from Medium and going up to Super. Great for display text.


Free multicolor and pattern gradients made with pure CSS! (And you can also download as JPEG)

Dan Woodger

Dan has colorful, playful, character-based work designed to brighten your day and make you smile—definitely a great illustrator you should follow; keep an eye on his work on Instagram

Fire Work 🎆‍ (inspiration)

Based in Paris, Fire Work is a graphic design and communication studio founded by Claire Sarlin and Lisa Carpagnano. The studio works for brands, institutions, and citizen initiatives.

I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.
—Albert Einstein

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