Feliz día de muertos!

  • Sketch, proud native Mac app. A beautiful blog post from Sketch in which they state why they're proud to be a native Mac app. With retro icons and beautiful typography, they talk about their app's performance, personalization, and flexibility. One of their biggest reasons to remain native is familiarity—how they follow the conventions set out in Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines. It gives Sketch a common feel, lowering the learning curve—if you've used other tools like Keynote, you'll feel right at home with Sketch, for example.

    I believe it's a bold statement to be proud of being native. In a time when other tools like Figma have done so much to make the web platform work ridiculously fast and snappy, it makes you wonder if people would really care about i. Being on the web has allowed others to bring everyone to the design process. Collaboration across teams is more possible when the design content lives in a place that can be accessed from any device. But I commend Sketch's efforts; I'm still a big user of it for most of my illustration systems. And I can't wait for the moment when multiplayer features are launched. 
  • Copying is the way design works—an essay by Matthew Ström about borrowing inspiration in design.
  • Variants in Figma let you combine variations of the same component, such as a button with different states. I made a 15-sec video about it, in case you're impatient like me :)
  • Phosphor Icons. A quirky open-source icon kit that gives the flexibility to use it in multiple sizes and weights.
  • Justin Tran, a dope illustrator you should follow :)
  • Dayflow Illustrations. An illustration kit with colorful characters and scenes. You can customize every little piece of the doodles on Blush. The landing page is clonable on Webflow, in case you want to inspect it, copy it, remix it, and use it on your projects.

Yo! I'm gonna start doing late-night doodling livestreams again. If you want to learn or practice your drawing skills, follow me on the Instagrams.

Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?
Frida Kahlo

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