Pásele, pásele!

  • 808 303 Studio. Yuri Suzuki, a sound artist, and designer collaborated with Roland to create this masterpiece. A fully-synced, web-based version of the classic 808 drum machine and 303 bass synth.  If you're like me... you're gonna waste so much time playing with these two instruments.
  • With Code. A collection of interactive animation experiments built with code.
  • Winamp Skin Musem. Get lost in nostalgia looking at these Winamp skins. Remember those times?
  • Tiny Capital. Beautiful new site for Tiny, a firm that owns amazing companies like Dribbble and Creative Market. Love the color simplicity, the use of typography, and illustrations! Oh, also... new logo :)
  • Design Calendar. A collection of online design events.
  • Spooky Doodles. We made some Halloween special characters of Open Peeps at Blush. Limited-time only :)
Ok, that's enough links—just a tiny dose of distraction.
BTW, how have you been? How's life? Have you done anything fun lately?

I learned how to make spring rolls! Simplicity and patience are key when making them. I finally watched RuPaul's Drag Race—omg, everything is about empowerment, creativity, and perfecting your craft. Is this how design reviews should be? Oh, and we launched Blush's new home page. Yay!

What about you?

Show up, show up, show up, and after a while the muse shows up, too.
Isabel Allende

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