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Yo, I'm starting a music project, and I just released my first single, Medicina, on Spotify.

The song is about a man who meets someone right after ending a bad relationship—when they're really vulnerable. Then, being so fragile, he starts romanticizing the new relationship, thinking this is the one, THIS is the medicine he needs—right after meeting for the first time. But... nah, the guy is just obsessive and needy. Who could this be? Lol

Oh, and I also launched a video on YouTube. 📺

Ethical Design Guide

Ethics should be a focus for everyone working in the tech industry—tech is always political. The way data is collected and handled is often biased, and many products are neither accessible nor inclusive. Ethical Design Guide shares resources on how to create ethical products that don't harm the world ❤️

Wavy Buddies

I love this illustration system! Wavy Buddies was made by the fantastic, color-obsessed illustrator Susana Salas. The doodles have a bubbly take on eCommerce. Customize this collection on Blush and add some waviness to your projects! 📊

A Heart from Space

Artist Jonathan Chomko created this clever website that enables people to draw together using their GPS positions. To use it, gather a group of friends and visit this website on a mobile phone, then the app will draw a line between the GPS positions of the peeps in your group. ✍️

I ❤️ NY

On his 92nd birthday and one year after his death, Fonts In Use commemorate Milton Glaser's most iconic creation.

Faccia Brutto (inspiration)

Ending this newsletter with a landing page of a product from which I love everything. The product's bottle, the label, the typeface, the colors. Pure eye-candy. 🍭

Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone.
—Alan Watts

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