Cruelty-Free Links 🍔

Physics of Beauty 👩🏻‍🔬

Physics of Beauty is a music album slash interactive webpage published as a digital art project by Clemens Wenger. It has almost two hours of music, great for listening while working in focus mode. 

Juicy Marbles

Here's the first filet mignon made from plants. On this beautiful site, you'll find a tender piece of plant meat made for home cooks not willing to sacrifice flavor, nutrition, or creativity. I love the typeface, color, photography, and layout of this site... and yeah, that steak looks pretty good too.

Zero Waste App ♻

By 2050, our oceans will contain more plastic than fish. Isn't that crazy? If you want to help by taking control of your plastic consumption, this handy tool facilitates the first steps towards a lifestyle that generates zero waste.

Cosi Azure 🌅

This display Font designed by Nikolas Wrobel is an antithesis towards generic modular type design, blends harmonic and erratic undertones in its form—an authentic appearance born out of personal experiences. The family is available in uppercase only in bold, ultra, and black stencil styles.

Redlines ❗

I usually don't share Figma plugins. Why is that? I should do that more! Anyway, Redlines is a Figma plugin perfect for any designer looking to save time on doing developer's hand-off.

Noizio 🎧

I'm pretty sure I had already recommended you this one before. It doesn't matter—it's still good! Noizio is a desktop/mobile app that combines background ambient sounds to listen while you're being (or trying to be) productive. You can use the app for chilling, meditation, or yoga, and even lull you to sleep.

Nikki Farquharson 🌌

Nikki is a graphic artist born and based in London who specializes in illustrating abstract art, patterns, and typography by hand—Follow her work on Instagram

“You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have”
Maya Angelou

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