Just some links.

Last week I just wrote about myself and didn't send any links. Let's try the opposite this time.
  • Young American. Pics of youth culture in NY by Czech photographer Marie Tomanova with themes of identity, belonging, and individuality in America. These photos make me happy about the future, which looks more inclusive and diverse.
  • Como La Flor. A playlist of sentimental music for all the sad boys and girls. Beware: there's cumbia and you'll want to shake your butt.
  • The Basecamp Guide to Internal Communication. I love this list of principles on how, when, and to communicate—especially in these times when a lot of people are working remotely. Should you do real-time? Asynchronous? Video? Chat? Written?
  • How Trump Killed Tens of Thousands of Americans. A recount of Trump's personal role in the coronavirus disaster.
  • Wakana Yamazaki. Dope illustrator based in Japan. Love the saturated blinding colors—my eyes!
  • David. A sans-serif typeface, with wide proportions, designed by Émilie Rigaud. Available in six weights with matching italics.
  • Comics About Design and Butts. I dumped a ton of comics I've made in the last months in this post. 
  • Zoom Fatigue. A comic from a new series called Stuck at Home.

Only time can heal your broken heart. Just as only time can heal his broken arms and legs.
—Miss Piggy

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