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How bad is your Spotify? Let a bot destroy any sense of pride you had in your taste in music.

Unusual, A curated directory of pretty cool applications and games for iOS.

Wigrum typeface A geometric sans with influences to typefaces from the '30s and a characteristic human touch. It also comes in a ton of styles and weights.

Here lies Flash. In this eulogy, Mike Davidson thanks Flash for allowing him and many of us to be creative since the '90s. Flash officially dies at midnight on Dec 31st. RIP.

Doodle Strudel. I made this illustration idea generator for artists like me that sometimes just... get... blocked.

Figma Snacks A playlist of 20-sec Figma tutorials.

Carmen Chan, Photographer. Check out the amazing shots by Los Angeles based photographer Carmen Chan. The color and lighting in her photos have a hint of romanticism that I find intriguing and melancholic at the same time.

Bloomberg Jealousy List. Every year, Bloomberg Businessweek releases its annual Jealousy List. Stories other outlets published that Bloomberg feels deserve an extra tip of the cap.

Figma's Auto Layout, a playlist of deep dive tutorials into Figma's auto layout.

Fjord Trends, the annual Fjord Trends report, highlighting designers' predictions on seven emerging trends that will shape design for the next year.

Books on graphic design and typography, an independent selection of books on graphic design and typography. If you're a graphic designer looking to improve your design skills, you will find these resources very helpful.

Diseño Salvaje, a telenovela about design tools

Thank you for sharing this ride with me.

"What I am looking for is a blessing not in disguise."
—Jerome K. Jerome


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