Follow Your Silly Ideas 🌈

Have you ever embarked on a dumb project, with no clear direction, or goal? It can be learning a useless skill, doing mindless doodles, or researching a rare thing. You start going with it, knowing that it's a bit absurd, but you don't care, you keep at it. In fact, you begin taking it slightly seriously—maybe even become obsessed.
Well, last year, I launched one of those ridiculous projects. I made a collection of butt animations and stickers called Buttsss. Lol.
It was one of the silliest things I've ever done, but it was fun and surprisingly enlightening. In the process, I learned how to create animated stickers for Telegram using Lottie. I did a bit of research on how to structure a case-study and wrote a parody one. I learned how to automate a google form with butt requests to create a card on my Kanban board using Zapier. And yes, I learned how to create boards and manage a project using Notion—now I do this for all my personal projects (you can see this project I'm currently working on.) And, I mean. Butts. I made animations of butts!

It all started as a dumb thing but ended up being something from which I learned a lot. The lesson from this is that you never know where you'll find something that is worth your time. We're sometimes too eager to shut down ideas because they're a bit too out there. We might be afraid to be judged and ridiculed. So we go back to the box, where thoughts are safe. 

I invite you to try things that are dumb. Invite others to join you and form a team. Do research, create a plan, and approach it like a real project. Then share what you learn and have fun. The best is that, since it's a silly thing, you don't have much to lose. And I bet you'll be surprised by a thing or two along the way.
So, what prompted me to write this in the middle of the night? Well, Buttsss got nominated for a Kitty Award by Product Hunt in the WTF category! A surprise, for sure, so it made me think about this.

It would be fantastic if you voted for it. Imagine if butts won an award? Wouldn't that be ass-tounding?
Vote for Butsss
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