Pixel Fries 🍟 


This site reveals the browser events used to monitor our online behavior via a text output and a very peaceful voice—a fantastic project by Studio Moniker 🔥

Female Faces

A project addressing women's rights through a series of video portraits created by directors and composers worldwide. The videos are pretty short—I bet you can binge-watch them all in like 5 mins 👀

Untangling The Complex World Of Accessible Patterns

This article by Carie Fisher explores the complicated world of accessible patterns. How do we know which patterns are good, better, best when it comes to accessibility? Is it better to use an established pattern/library or create new ones? 🤔


A contemporary sans serif type family that celebrates the beauty of being imperfect. Designed to be the opposite to neutral modernist fonts. It comes with 14 weights, 5 widths, and 4 extra text weights. Boom! 💣

Dither Me This

Use this tool to reduce the file size of an image… but in a stylish old-school way. It reduces the colors in an image, and places dots to emulate the missing shades. ⛏

Shyama Golden

Shyama is an artist that throughout her works, we can see a combination of real and imagined people, with masks and animals often functioning as metaphors for human social dynamics. She makes subtle animations, and seamless patterns and often shares her process on Instagram. 🚀


Blobs got an update! This is a handy tool to create SVG blobs controlling the complexity and randomness with some sliders. 🏀

“To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it."
Kurt Vonnegut

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