Sympathy For The Grinch

Can you think of an old movie that takes a totally different meaning after a rewatch? Maybe a film that you loved as a kid and, as an adult, you see with different eyes? For example, Home Alone. You realize it’s about parents that are so terrible that they forget their son in a different city... TWICE! 

I'm doing something different in this newsletter. I wanna share with you a short comic I wrote. It's about how, at my age, I'm starting to empathize with the Grinch. Now I understand his pain. Sometimes during the holidays, when you're supposed to be jolly and happy, one can't help but feel a bit blue and grumpy.

As a side note, we all feel down from time to time. Sometimes, just a bit of sun and a walk around the block will be enough to bring a smile back to our faces. But if you’re ever feeling like the sadness and negative moods are too persistent, consider checking with a doctor if it’s something more serious. Depression is not uncommon. It’s treatable, and you shouldn’t be ashamed if you think you have it. There’s nothing wrong with seeking help for your mental health. ❤️

Happy holidays, friends.

Ok, last note. I've been adding comics like the one above and design stuff to my Instagram, in case you're into that :)
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