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Embrace The Grind ⏱‍

There’s this magic trick in which a volunteer chooses a card and seals it in an envelope. Then, the magician invites the volunteer to choose some tea from dozens of boxes, all sealed in plastic. The volunteer chooses a box, rips the plastic, picks one of the sealed packets containing the tea bags, then finds their card inside. There’s no sleight-of-hand: the magician doesn’t touch the tea boxes or the teabag that the volunteer chooses. The card really is inside of the sealed tea packet.

So, how was it done? Beforehand, the magician bought dozens of tea boxes, opened every single one, unwrapped each tea packet, and then put a three of diamonds card on every packet. Then sealed back everything.

The only “trick” is the tedious and boring preparation. It's more work than any sane person would be willing to do. It goes against everything we learn in product development—streamline, use automation, and move fast. Work smarter, not harder.

But if one does like the illusionist and is willing to embrace the grind and do the dull work, they'll deliver magic and pull the impossible. 

Smooth Shadow 👁

Make your elements levitate by applying shadows with this Figma plugin. You can generate beautiful, soft, layered shadows and make stuff float in your compositions.

Lu Yu 💼

Lu Yu is a fantastic Berlin-based designer who focuses on interaction design and art direction. Her philosophy is that everything you make should always look nice and intentional. Check out Lu's new portfolio 🔥

How Many Plants 🌻🌱

How many plants are too many? The limit does not exist! This is a resource and community for all plant parents, seasoned enthusiasts, and first-timers alike!

Name Sans

Inspired by tile mosaic name tablets of the New York City subway, this modern font is full of personality, making it useful for everything from branding to digital interfaces.


Nicola Laurora, aka Nico189, is a freelance designer and illustrator from Milan, Italy. Clean lines and geometric shapes characterize his work and style, following his background as a graffiti artist. Check out Nico's process on Instagram

Open Foundry 🔤

A showcase of curated open-source typefaces.

Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing.
—Warren Buffett

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