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After months of FOMO, I'm finally working in an NFT collection. They'll be 10,000 charming robots that live in a technological utopia where machines take care of humankind.🤖

Beautiful Web Type 

If you love using open-source typefaces with outstanding quality, you'll find this site useful.🎁


I'm sure you will enjoy this photographic catalog of workspaces, items, and tools from the creator community.👩🏻‍🎨

Hello from here

A generative poster project and gallery. The trick is that when you enter the name of a city, the generator creates artwork based on real-time data, such as temperature and weather. You can then interact with the poster to make it your own before submitting it to a gallery of posters from around the world. Cool, yo! 🤟


The doodle doctor is ready to see you! Lifesavers is a quirky illustration system with a full range of medical scenes with doctors, organs, bones, pills, wheelchairs, and everything you need for your health project.💊

Three D Scans

A collection of 3D models from statues of museums in Paris, Vienna, and Florence that you can use without copyright restrictions. Imagine using them for posters or websites OMG. 😎

If everything yells for your attention, nothing is heard.—Aarron Walter

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