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How to ask for what you need:
We've all heard it: if you want something - a raise, flexible work, time off - you need to ask for it. We are all too familiar with the dynamics behind it, you know you want it but it can get though to actually end up speaking up and asking for it out loud. We truly believe a lot of it is getting around the psychology of it and we are a big fan of using preparation to do that. Arming yourself with all the information and arguments possible will boost your confidence. Getting as prepared as possible and even having a script to guide your conversation will help you with not backing out of a painful conversation.

The power of relational intelligence: 
This talk from Esther Perel on relationship dynamics and how they play at work is a must-watch. She brings whole new perspectives and especially dives into how relational intelligence can guide people towards well-being and success.

Conscious leadership: 
A lot has been said on leadership and on the different styles there are. Conscious leadership in particular encourages you to bring your whole self to work and fuels trust and collaboration with lots of focus on self-awareness and feedback. Giving healthy feedback, creating a safe environment and leading by example are crucial to having a conscious leadership style.

The ins and outs of the awards economy and how that affects creativity:
Chasing recognition does not always been a better product of our work or creativity, and this article breaks it down through the lens of Michelin star chefs and the pressure they face. “It’s no wonder that attempting to attain—or retain—a particular distinction can lead to a dip in both our mental health and our quality of work. In attaching our self-worth to the outcome of what is bound to be an arbitrary decision, we’re prone to driving ourselves a little crazy.”

What about becoming employee-obsessed?
With the Away scandal still fresh in our minds, this article from Quartz at Work speaks so strongly to how companies should strive for becoming not only customer-obsessed but also employee-obsessed in order to fuel growth in a sustainable way for their employees because “What good are a company’s values if they don’t serve the very employees who are working so hard to keep customers happy?”.
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How to Stop Constantly Checking Your Phone:

Don't you also have the need to pick up your phone countless times during the day? You are probably also aware of how that distracts you from your work. This article from HBR really shed some light on how destructive to our productvity is to have so many distractions and how much time it actually costs us (because anyways we end up putting all that lost time in).  “Just quickly checking” anything, even for one-tenth of a second, can add up to major productivity losses — it can take an average of 23 minutes to get back in the zone after task switching.” So, lesson is, check you social media in batches.

Saying “Hello!” to coworkers.
We sometimes fail to say “Hello!” or “Good morning” to all the co-workers – You might be rushing to an early meeting, knowing that you need to deal with an early client situation or you are just tired  – and most times we feel bad about it. So let's all fully subscribe to the “Let’s be gentle with one another before 10 a.m.” mantra from the NY Times Work Friend column. Let this be the reminder you needed.

Strech it out.
We are currently doing  Yoga with Adriene’s 30 Day Home Journey for the month of January and we are enjoying discovering lots of new stretches. The endless hours we spend seated and in front of a computer or with the phone in hand definitely took their toll. If you are just on the look for an easy stretch, here is one that you can try at home after a long day.

Working hard.
We are big fans of hard work in general, but we also think there are limits, and each of us is responsible to set those limits. It’s always a struggle, sometimes we do it better than others, but we should always seek to make better decisions for our future selves, whether that means getting enough sleep, prioritizing our relationships, working out and so on. If you are having trouble knowing whether you are pushing yourself too hard at work, then this article might hit home.


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