April is Stress Awareness month. Look inside for stress relief!
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Can you relate to this woman?  Are you aware of your stress? We all know how bad stress can be for us, but how long does it take for us to become really aware of it and then take steps to minimize it? 

Since we all spend so much time at work, any minimization of stress in our work should be a priority. Coughlin Consulting absolutely loves to work with organizations who want to relieve workplace stress by looking at 'Doing More With Less'.  See below for more information on what this might look like.

Out with the Stress, In with the Fun!

Are you tired of departmental inefficiencies, lack of cross-functional solutions and insufficient and ineffective communication?  Do you feel you're just 'checking things off a list' instead of really adding value to the organization?  Are you concerned for the quality of your work because there is too much to do and not enough time in the day?  Are you working more than is healthy for you?  If you answer 'Yes' to any of these, you're experiencing unnecessary stress.

Stressors like these often result from an operational infrastructure that isn't the strongest it can be. A weak operational environment causes everyone involved to work that much harder just to keep the day-to-day engine performing. It sucks your energy and keeps you from the fun, creative and innovative aspects of your organization and work.  We want everyone to find that fun part of their work.

When the stress falls away, engagement increases, communication and collaboration improves, quality increases, ideas and solutions flow more smoothly, goals are able to be met more easily and customers and clients are even more delighted!

Partner with us to take a look at your operations and see where some stessors can be eradicated or minimized, so you can begin having more fun!


  • Take a Taste - participate in a free 45-minute abbreviated Operational Strength Assessment webinar. Click here for schedule and registration.
  • Jump In - by having a full Operational Strength Assessment done for your organization. Click here to get the ball rolling.
  • Not Sure - experiencing some operational distress, but not sure if an assessment is needed, contact us for a complimentary consultation.


Operational Strength Assessment - Free 45-minute Webinar!


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Consults with CEOs who want to accelerate their growth by 'Doing More with Less'.  When we're done, they've saved time, saved money, increased client retention and increased happiness in the workplace.  We work to find large and small efficiency opportunities.

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A Taste of an Operational Strength Assessment - Free 45-minute Webinar

Not sure an assessment is right for you? Try out an abbreviated assessment through this webinar. Click here for schedule and registration.
Operational Strength Assessment - I'm Ready!

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