Happy New Year from Coughlin Consulting and read about our new service launching this year.
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Have you been planning for a successful 2016 and are you still working on your resolutions?  Do you have plans or resolutions to grow your business, accomplish more with the same or fewer resources or find more time in your day to put toward creativity and innovation?

Coughlin Consulting has launched an Operational Strength Assessment for 2016 to help business owners and non-profit leaders better understand if their operational infrastructure is as strong as it can be to support their aspirations for 2016 and beyond. 


  • Take a Taste - participate in a free 45-minute abbreviated Operational Strength Assessment webinar. Click here for schedule and registration.
  • Jump In - by having a full Operational Strength Assessment done for your organization. This 3-4 hour engagement, performed at your site or by video chat, is also complimentary to our eNewsletter recipients. Click here to get the ball rolling.

Why is a Strong Operational Infrastructure Important?

An organization's operational infrastructure is the 'engine' of the organization, keeping the organization running on a day-to-day basis.  It includes such elements as people, equipment, systems, finances, knowledge and the processes and procedures that string all of these pieces and parts together to run the organization.

In order for an organization to grow and sustain itself well into the future, it needs a strong, solid operational infrastructure.  Any area of weakness in an operational infrastructure will eventually manifest itself in issues big enough to derail the future of an organization, be in its ability to grow or continue on existing.  These issues pull its leaders into the details of running the business or organization and takes them away from their focus of the future, innovation and business development.  A strong operational infrastructure will help the organization 'run itself', without detailed involvement from its leadership.

Think about cities, states or countries who do not invest in their infrastructure (roads, bridges, dams, etc.).  When natural disasters strike or population growth comes to their areas, what happens if their infrastructure has any sign of weakness?  Think of the houses with weak infrastructures (basements) when big rain storms hit.


Operational Strength Assessment - Free 45-minute Webinar!


Thursday, January 28th, 12:00-12:45 pm CST - REGISTER
Wednesday, February 17th, 4:00-4:45 pm CST - REGISTER
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Yes, I'm Interested in a Full Operational Strength Assessment

To our eNewletter recipients, Coughlin Consulting is offering a complimentary 3-4 hour Operational Strength Assessment.

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I'm Ready! For a full Operational Strength Assessment.
Coughlin Consulting

Consults with time-challenged business owners, public sector departments and non-profit boards and staff to identify and address operational issues that are preventing the organization from growing, focusing on their customers and core competencies and/or sustaining their business.


A Taste of an Operational Strength Assessment - Free 45-minute Webinar

Not sure an assessment is right for you? Try out an abbreviated assessment through this webinar. Click here for schedule and registration.
Operational Strength Assessment - I'm Ready!

Are you ready to have a full 3-4 hour Operational Strength Assessment done at your site or via video chat? Click the blue button below to get the ball rolling on this complimentary offering.
I'm Ready! For a full Operational Strength Assessment.

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