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So Much to Look Forward to!
Dear Kerugma Supporter,
The Lord Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow and until eternity! It is quite some time since you last heard from us as we have been extremely busy with the Lord’s work and as He has lead us. And so here is a quick summary of what we have been preparing for you to look forward to – and for which work we ask for your prayers.

Over the past 18 months Marina has edited a series of 6 DVDs by Dr Randall Smith about the life and work of the apostle Paul as we have previously mentioned. We plan to release all 6 DVDs at the same time but will also send out a Bulletin every month (as a reminder) for those of you who would prefer to rather order one DVD per month or at a time.

Those of you who are familiar with Randall’s DVDs will know that it is an excellent series. In his DVD, Paul’s Response To The Roman World, he mentions that his feet have touched every place on earth that Paul visited during his life time. He therefore knows the circumstances under which Paul proclaimed the Gospel with so much success throughout the Roman Empire, as well as the circumstances surrounding him when he met with adversity and was eventually beheaded. But even more, he knows the Word of the Lord and especially the letters of Paul as well as the issues he needed to address among the heathen that did not know anything about the God of the Bible. We as children of the Lord are once again confronted by the same issues, but in today’s world,  in a more sophisticated way.

Be sure that we will inform you as soon as the DVDs are ready! The editing is in its final phases. When completed, the finished work will firstly be sent to either Randall himself or someone who, on Dr Smith’s behalf, will look at the finished product before approving the release of the DVDs. He may suggest small modifications, after which we will author the DVDs and upload them onto the different platforms to make it possible for people all over the world to download the DVDs. Once this process has been completed, we will let you know. Randall is at the moment doing one tour after the other, which may cause a delay. Please be patient. It is on its way.
What Wine did Jesus make?
In previous Bulletins I mentioned the book I am working on - entitled, What Wine Did Jesus Make? While Marina is busy editing the DVD’s, I am busy with the research and writing of this book.

Among other things, the research led us to make contact with different winemakers. They took us through their wine cellars and showed us how the modern process works. That led us to a cellar about 63 kilometres from where we live, where we are doing an experiment in making wine the way it was done in Biblical times. It is of course very primitive and completely different from the way the modern 21st century wines are produced. 

The winemaker helping us with our “Biblical experiment” gave us a box of grapes delivered from the vineyard and helped Marina to tread the grapes. Today they have a mechanical process for that, but we wanted to do it the way it was done in Biblical times. I filmed the process. Then we poured the must into a big jug to ferment. After that we added an amount of water (equal to the volume just poured out) to the left-over pulp, before treading it again. This watery must was poured into another jug. That was the way in which both the good quality and poorer quality wine was pressed in Biblical times. We read about that in the gospels where Jesus changed the water into wine. Now we drive to the cellars every day to watch the fermenting process. We film it every day because we want to see what Solomon was talking about in Proverbs 23:31. The Hebrew is not clearly translated there. We thank the Lord for an opportunity to be involved in this research and are excited for when this book will be available to all of you. Please pray for us as so much still has to happen before the book will be ready. In the meantime we ask that you please pray for the necessary funds for the printing and marketing of the book.

Through the years we always wished we had the money to advertise our DVDs, but we could never afford it. We pray that the Lord will provide in order for us to release the book in a way that every person in the country will know about it. It is not just about the type of wine Jesus made, but also about the significance of wine. Why was the changing of water into wine the first miracle? Which prophecy did Jesus fulfil through the miracle? And what will be the fulfilment of that miracle at His Second Coming?  

Interestingly, in Israel the wine they had was never drunk undiluted, but it was always mixed with three to four parts of water. The reason for that was that just as we add chlorine to disinfect our water today, so in Biblical times a little bit of wine was added to their water to disinfect and kill whatever was in the water that they did not want to know about! If for example we want to use our modern wines like they used wine in Biblical times, we have to take 10 glasses of river water, pour it into a bowl and add one glass of wine to it. Then, using a saucer, you take a little bit of the wine and water mixture from the bowl to drink with your meal. Later, if still thirsty, you may have another saucer of wine.
That was the way they drank wine in Biblical times during their 7 day wedding festivals like the one when Jesus changed the water into wine. No strong drinks or wine as we have today, existed then. In the book we show the different scientific discoveries and developments that led to the processes used today to produce modern wine. 
The Miracle of the Handkerchief
Talking about praying for funds, Corrie Ten Boom told the story of how she had a cold during her and her sister, Betsie’s, imprisonment in a Nazi concentration camp. She said:
I said to Betsie, my sister, “What should I do? I have a cold, I don’t have a handkerchief.”
“Pray,” she said, and I laughed. But she folded her hands and prayed, “Father, in Jesus’ name I pray to You, please will You give Corrie a handkerchief? She has a cold. Amen.” Yes, I laughed again, but do you know what happened? I heard someone call my name. I went to the window where I saw a friend of mine, a fellow prisoner, who worked in the hospital. “Here,” she said, “take this, a little gift for you.” I opened the parcel and it was a handkerchief. “Why on earth are you giving me a handkerchief?” I asked. “Did you know I had a cold?” “No, but I found an old sheet, and I made a couple of handkerchiefs out of it, and then there was a voice in my heart which said: ‘Take a handkerchief to Corrie ten Boom.’” Can you imagine what a handkerchief means to you at that moment? That handkerchief told me that there is a God in heaven who hears when one of His children is praying on a small planet, the earth, for something incredibly small. And that God in heaven tells one of his other children to give Corrie ten Boom a handkerchief.
[Corrie ten Boom, I Stand At The door And Knock, Zondervan, 2008, p. 96].
This wonderful story amazes us every time. While we are living by faith and depend on the Lord for every cent necessary for this ministry as well as for ourselves, it is just amazing how people that we have never met before can hear that the Lord tells them to support this ministry. Many times without knowing how big the need actually was.
It always reminds me of how Paul explained that it is not about the money that people give, but about the profit of the heavenly account of the people that give in obedience, that increases. (Matthew 6:20-21; Philippians 4:17).
Dot Henegan
Years ago in our congregation in Bloemfontein we had the wonderful privilege to learn to know Dot Henegan. Since our leaving there, Dot has become like a mother to Kerugma Productions. The first time we went to Israel was in December 2000. Just before our departure, Dot made us a carry bag for our broadcasting camera that we could carry with us on the plane and everywhere in Israel. In the mean time she moved to Harrismith to be near her daughter, Magda. When we edited the DVDs on The Wilderness Tabernacle, we needed a painting of the tabernacle. She travelled all the way to Kuils River, and stayed with us to do the painting – not just of any tabernacle – but of a tabernacle exactly like the one of Dr Randall Smith in the DVDs. Since then many of the paintings we used in the Exploring The Lands Of The Bible series, were done by Dot.
Apart from that, Dot completed many more paintings for that particular series, which we are keeping and will be ready to use when we will edit those DVDs. There are for example paintings of Jericho, Capernaum, Bethlehem and Meggido, to name a few, that are waiting to be used.
The Lord willing Dot will turn 90 in July this year. But the past six months she suddenly started to lose weight and was diagnosed with a tumour on her ovary. The doctors advised against surgery. Humanly speaking, things are not looking good, although she is still using every opportunity every day to be a witness for our Lord.
We know that the Lord is all-knowing and thus aware of all that Dot is having to endure. Psalm 57:1. Dot practised her belief through her life lived and her paintings – to the praise of her Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray for Dot for strength for each day. She is nauseous every day and is using very strong medication which fortunately still controls her pain at present.
And when this dear lady’s time on earth is over, God will receive her into His presence with His welcome and reward.
Greetings in Christ Jesus our Redeemer and Lord,
Naas & Marina le Roux
* The writing of the book What Wine did Jesus make? For the necessary language editing, printing and marketing costs and also for the subsequent English translation and distribution.
* Dot Henegan – Pray for strength and rest as our Lord bears Dot in His arms each day and she prepares to go Home to Him.
* Finances for Kerugma Productions – Thank the Lord Who is working in the hearts of His children to support this ministry financially, that he is working in wonderful ways.
* Distribution and marketing of the DVD series on the life and work of Paul. That this series of DVDs will reach homes across the land and even internationally.
* Join us in praising the Lord for the wonderful rains that have fallen in many places in our country, and continue to pray for the necessary rain needed in the very dry areas of South Africa.

Kerugma Productions is a faith based organisation. If you believe that the Lord has laid it on your heart to support this ministry financially, please feel free to use the Donate button on our website at or email us for our banking details.
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