May you experience the Peace, Love and Joy that only Christ the Savior can bring.  
Sanctified Hope’s originating director and my personal mentor, Sue Moreland, spoke that quote quite often while I was under her leadership… It made sense; but not until recently did God reveal the “complete” part of what it means…at least to me. (Prelude: I am currently recovering from Covid-19, hospital stay and all)
2020 started out with a BANG at Sanctified Hope. Our new educational building was right on track for completion early in the year. Our plans to move in and have that wonderful facility available to us was finally upon us! Along with the new building came an opportunity to have one full year to bring down our loan balance to possibly zero – so we would have no debt!
Our plans for our remarkable, annual Round-Up Fundraiser were well underway and scheduled for March. Our Round Up is a HUGE deal for us as we depend on it for approximately 60% of our entire budget! As life moved forward in January and February, life as we all know it stopped hard in it’s tracks as March rolled around. All of our plans, both personally and professionally, came to a screeching halt and we were like deer in headlights. “Oh, my goodness! How does this work? How can we teach? Mentor? Fundraise? Bring Awareness? Meet these ladies’ needs?” So many questions! What about OUR plans? In a short week, Sanctified Hope’s entire program changed. God had other plans…we could either freeze in fear or search and submit to what He wanted.
Closing our doors was not an option. Women still were getting released from prison and needed assistance with re-entry. The recidivism rate would skyrocket without programs such as Sanctified Hope. But How?? With the collaboration of a wonderful team of staff members and volunteers, the operations at SH because a “well-oiled” machine. God said to us, “I am God and you are not.” “I’ve got this.”
Since my tenure at SH of 2/2017, I have never doubted that this is God’s ministry as His fingerprints have been all over it. But 2020 has truly shown me in particular the exact meaning of, “I am God and you are not”! “This is not in your control – Submit”. He has shown all of us at SH that His plans are All that matter. HE IS GOD! He has provided for us in every single way -HE IS GOD! It is through you who made it possible to keep our doors open!
Did we get our building paid down? No. That is still a huge prayer for our ministry. Did we have a Round-Up? Yep, Virtual. (we are all familiar with that word, right?) We only received half the amount of what we received from the prior year. Do we still need you? Yes, Yes, YES! We need monthly contributions to keep our doors open to serve this special population of women.
One-time donations are wonderful, however, to be totally transparent, we need specific numbers and commitments to be able to implement GOD’S plans.

If you are a woman who loves the Lord, please prayerfully consider being a mentor. Two hours a week can mean so much to a special lady.
If you have a reliable, dependable vehicle, please consider donating it. Our ladies need transportation.
If you also believe God has a specific plan and purpose for Sanctified Hope and you are as excited as I am to see what He has, please prayerfully give to Sanctified Hope.
“God is God and we are not”, but we can be a part of His mighty plan!
Stay well and God Bless!
Serving Together,
Sharon Klahm-Hibler
Executive Director
Executive Board of Directors:  
Janet Duvall, Board Chair                                                                Kathy Manning
John Gordon                                                                                    Dean Suedmeyer
Ava Blais                                                                                          Elizabeth Mederos
Frank Scheffler         
“God is God and I Am Not”
Steven Curtis Chapman
And the pain falls like a curtain; On the things I once called certain
And I have to say the words I fear the most; I just don't know
And the questions without answers; Come and paralyze the dancer
So I stand here on the stage afraid to move; Afraid to fall, oh, but fall I must
On this truth that my life has been formed from the dust
God is God and I am not
I can only see a part of the picture He's painting
God is God and I am man
So I'll never understand it all
For only God is God
And the sky begins to thunder; And I'm filled with awe and wonder
'Til the only burning question that remains; Is who am I
Can I form a single mountain; Take the stars in hand and count them
Can I even take a breath without God giving it to me; He is first and last before all that has been
Beyond all that will pass
Oh, how great are the riches of His wisdom and knowledge
How unsearchable for to Him and through Him and from Him are all things
So let us worship before the throne; Of the One who is worthy of worship alone

The Sanctified Hope Staff, Board of Directors and Advisory Board  would like to express our deepest condolences to the Earl King Family for their loss of the their Father and Grandfather, Earl King.  Earl served as an Advisory Board Member for Sanctified Hope since it's inception in January 2017.  
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