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For Trump to truly make a stronger economy, here are some facts about women’s purses he should be thinking about 'grabbing' instead:

  • Women’s economic spend is more than 80% of the world's consumer economy and women are fast adapters of the emerging world of technology with 80% of apps downloaded by women. (Harvard Business Review, 2009)
  • By 2025, $12 trillion could be added to the global economy by advancing female equality. (McKinsey, 2015)
  • Women’s deep investment in brands endures once a connection is made.
  • Over the next 5 years, working women will drive a ~$6 trillion increase in earned income globally (Boston Consulting Group, 2014)

We live in a rapidly changing business environment where an ever-competitive industry tries to maintain margin through balancing cost and price. For many companies “women” as a segment, are a blind spot. As the CHO (Chief Household Officer), she’s exactly the person you need to understand and cater to.

For those already talking to women, sharper insights are your insider advantage.
I’ve launched a programme called FULL VI$IBILITY in which I’ll be working with businesses to identify their untapped pockets of dollars. Let's figure out how valuable your female consumer is and the impact that creating growth and driving more sales can have on your business. 

With 88% of CEO’s citing customer loyalty as their biggest concern, it would seem that a better relationship with women might stop them straying and help you sleep easier at night.
So grab your calculator, get in touch with me and let's start planning your future with females.

Bec Brideson


Bec at the 3% conference

Recently I was a guest invitee to the 5th annual 3% Conference celebrating women in the ad industry. In between rubbing shoulders with the who's who of advertising, I was left in awe by the incredible stories of 3%'s special guests including Madonna Badger and Marley Diaz of #1000BlackGirlBooks. While there I was honoured to speak on a panel at Google HQ with three Creative Directors from around the world discussing gender in the workplace. You can read a recap of my trip here and a lovely write-up of the panel itself here – both from B&T.

Bec speaks at Fernwood

Pioneer and entrepreneur Diana Williams started her first gym in 1989 and from there expanded her Fernwood empire that turned once 'blokey' gym zones into safe, nurturing spaces catering strictly to the needs of women. Diana kindly invited me to present to her incredible franchisees at the annual #FernwoodFitness Conference to speak on the constantly evolving opportunity of the female market. Yes, even for brands who do already address them!

Bec at Pause 2017

As the year wraps up, I'm already looking forward to 2017 where I'll be speaking at PAUSE FEST on Feb 9th. In it's 7th year running, PAUSE remains Australia's premier Creative, Business and Technology event with a multitude of creative thinkers, technologists and entrepreneurs out to talk progress, innovation and our future. If this sounds like your cup of tech and tea, come watch me thought-provoke with my session on the 'Fully Visible' woman and the transformational impact a female lens could have on your business. Get tickets here.

Mumbrella: Do you feel that? The winds of diversity are blowing us swiftly from simply talking about it to giving it a f***ing go.

Honest, accountable conversations are happening around diversity where there was once silence. Denying gender bias now makes you the outsider and ‘shutting up and getting on with it’ is no longer your only option.
Awesome stats

TEDTalk: Female blind spots are everywhere.

80% of the pharmaceuticals withdrawn from market are due to side effects on women. Watch Dr Alsyon McGregor discuss the massive blind spot regarding clinical trials and women and why the medical research model blindly used men as a frame of reference. How many other things need to be analysed by gender? What else are we missing?
Awesome stats

Princess Cruises 'Time Back'

Princess Cruises Singapore 'Time Back' campaign focused on the region's growing traveller segment of affluent yet work-weary female professionals who can "find renewal of body, mind and soul" through Princess Cruises' new offering. Women, according to Princess Cruises' PR Manager Charmaine See-Tho are central to their global marketing strategy as they have always "been the ones making decisions when planning holidays." Princess Cruises has already reported positive feedback and a healthy increase in bookings for female guests. Watch their campaign below and maybe you'll be inspired to leverage this segment too.
Princess Cruises "Time Back" Campaign
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This entire discussion about women and the economy starts with the facts. It’s a view that’s different from the mainstream, and it’s not taught in the marketing curricula. Find out how to turn female$ into a competitive advantage and growth opportunity. Book me here
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