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Gender: What’s it costing your business?

It’s not uncommon for me to see a few eyes roll when I mention gender. I don’t mind, I think we’re all a little exhausted by the ‘debate’ but I’m glad to see that you’ve hung in and are still reading this. Hallelujah.
Gender is the first thing we use to define ourselves: male, female, girl, boy and it is representative of our inherent binary and current societal perceptions. As gender ”issues” have evolved the word has been also tied to moral concerns and movements like feminism, equal opportunity, diversity, glass ceilings, objectification etc.
However, it takes us away from what gender can do for a business, namely how it is currently impacting business sales and profit.

Current View:
Gender is a rising cost to the welfare of your business and revenue if not tackled correctly. These gender costs could be issues with internal culture, unconscious bias or a lack of diversity.
Our View:
Digging deeper however, gender is also an opportunity for more profitability, sales and market leadership. How? By understanding the needs of your market – by male and female – we can identify overlooked avenues to drive our growth strategies and business outcomes.

Take Uber – in the news this week for all of the wrong reasons. Yet highlighting the endemic issues with the gender word.
The exposure of Uber’s considerable gender costs (hostile internal culture, terrible HR processes, unconscious bias) are significantly impacting its business and sales (#deleteuber). They are belatedly investigating their business to fix these issues.
But what may be an even greater cost to Uber is the missed gender opportunity that could have come to fruition if their gender costs had been dealt with. In response to Uber’s first allegations of rape, Uber could have looked at their KGI’s (Key Gender Indicators) which could have identified the immense value-laden market. And in response, they could have brought to life a female-only Uber service: Female drivers for women and children, globally recognizing the universal female need for risk-aversion and safety.
But they didn’t.

Because they have been using the traditional male lens in their business culture.
Instead the space is now crowded with several different start-ups who picked up on the opportunity while Uber remains mired in bad PR and is scrambling to fix its gender-costs.
While Gender Costs are important (I do help business identify these trapdoors) my expertise remains in Gender Opportunity – how you can leverage gender insights across your business to make more money.
So why don’t we find out what gender your business is operating in? Get on the fast track (unlike Uber) and book in for your KGI (Key Gender Indicators) Assessment.  Explore with me where your profit-making gender opportunities are, before your competitors do.
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Happy disrupting.
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