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MARCH 2017

Spotlight on MarketWISE Training


Last month, we introduced the new MarketWISE MAP (Market Access and Performance Suite).  This month, we’re shining the spotlight on MarketWISE’s Training.
MarketWISE offers training in multiple areas to set your team up for success:
  • Deregulated Energy 101 – Are you hiring college graduates or professionals from other industries?  Is your business newly expanding into Retail Energy?  This class will quickly get you up to speed on industry terminology and lingo, while teaching you the basics of how energy, information, and money flow between entities.
  • Market Specific Up-training – Are you an expanding business, entering new states or utilities this year? This session will bring your cross-functional project team up to speed for a new market that you’d like to enter.  We will bring the broader team up to a base level of understanding and then provide additional detail for your more technical staff.
  • EDI Requirements Training – Have you hired new programmers from other industries?  Do your teams ever struggle to bridge the gap from business rules to technical requirements?  This in depth training will cover the nuances of EDI transaction data, teaching the implications of individual data elements and how they’re used across the industry.
These training sessions can be conducted in person or virtually.  We can conduct the training as a separate engagement, or part of a custom MAP for your company.  Contact us today if you would like to learn more!

Working Group Meetings Recap


Jump to: Connecticut Illinois Maine Maryland Massachusetts 
New Jersey New York Ohio Pennsylvania Texas


Connecticut - CT EBT Working Group – Tuesday March 14, 2017 at 10:00am ET

Change Control 003 
This Change Control requires modification to the 814 Enrollment Response, 814 Change Request, 867 Historical Usage, and 810 Invoice to inform the Suppliers that a Net Meter is present, added or removed from an account.  Status: Eversource - Internal review/testing underway.  Anticipated Production Implementation in April 2017; UI still determining their direction with this

Technical Items - Follow up on corrective action being addressed by Eversource
2nd 814 Enroll Response: Recent update to internal ES logic provides a 2nd 814 enrollment response to reject an enrollment (post accepting 814) when an account has been reinstated to the previous supplier.  ES to confirm target date

Next Meeting –Tuesday May 16, 2017 at 10:00am -  866-783-4848; Pin -7619673#


CPWG – No Meeting in March 2017

Next Meeting: TBD
Dial-in: TBD



ME EBT Working Group – March Meeting was Cancelled

Next Meeting - Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 10:00 AM   Dial-in: 888-328-7940 Pin – 8720280#



Maryland EDIS Working Group - March 1, 2017

Net Meter Aggregation in Maryland
The following progress (through March 2017) on the ANEM 867MU documentation was discussed:   ANEM 867MU (non-TOU):  no changes since February discussion nor have any comments been received to dateANEM 867MU (TOU):  there are additional TOU scenarios which should be taken into consideration.  They will be provided shortly

RM54 Update
This update is specific to the 3 business day switching process.  As a result of coding changes for the implementation of RM54, suppliers will see a few changes in the 867 transactions for MV90 metered customers.   There will be a few scenarios that will produce an 867 with the same start and end dates.  Example: If the scheduled meter reading date occurs on the same day as an off-cycle supplier switch, the new supplier will receive their first 867 with the same start and end dates.  The subsequent 867 will be for the entire service period.  BGE has received no complaints from suppliers regarding the MV90 changes and reports all Bill Ready 810s for MV90 customers have been received to date.

Next Meeting: Wednesday April 5, 2017 at 1pm ET Phone: 641-715-0632 / 319767#



Massachusetts – EBT Working Group – Wednesday March 15, 2017

Issues regarding Spreadsheet sent to Suppliers
Issues include…POR Discount is showing on the Spreadsheet with 4 decimal positions; The BA ID (Billing Account Number) is missing leading zeros.  Eversource has indicated they are working on these.

Change Control 019
Add LDC initiated 814 Reinstatement Requests.  ES East and West are actively sending; Unitil indicates 3rd quarter of 2017 with the implementation of their new system. 

Change controls #24 and #25 concerning the addition of net meter identifiers to the 814, 867 and 810 transactions were also discussed.

Next Meeting: Wednesday May 10,2017 at 10am -  866-844-9417; PIN: 99356910# 

New Jersey

New Jersey - NJ EDI Working Group -- Thursday March 3, 2017 

Change Control NJG014 - (EDI 867 Implementation Guideline update)
Add text to beginning of the gray box area of the DTM Date/Time Reference (514 = Exchanged meter read date) segment to clarify use of the DTM*514 (Exchanged Meter Read Date). This is for a specific PSEG situation when the same meter number is used for the old and new meter due to an attached ERT device being changed, not the actual meter.  (See change control for more details).

Change Control NJE042/NJG015
This change request adds the service address segments N3, N4 and PER to the N18R loop of the EDI 814 HU Accept Response.   This is currently provided by Atlantic City Electric in NJ. Implementation for other Utilities is targeted to be completed by the end of:  2ndQ of 2017 for JCP&L, 1stQ of 2017 for SJG, April or May of 2017 for NJN, and 2ndQ of 2017 for PSE&G”

Next Meeting: Thursday April 6, 2017 at 1.00pm ET.  888-204-5984 PIN: 1936309#


New York

New York EDI Business & Technical Working Groups – Friday March 3, 2017 and Friday March 17, 2017 (There was also 1 Special (one-Topic) meetings held on Friday March 10, 2017)

Change Control Process (to be Formalized)
The team continues to address a Change Control web page accessible from the EDI Working Group web page.  Whether the request form is a fillable PDF or a static PDF (where requestors would fill out the form manually), the form will be posted to the Change Control web page and assigned a request number. Both activities will be tracked through the date they are reported to the Commission. Implementation will continue to be tracked through the matrices

867 / HIU Update (Special Meeting Topic on 3/10)
At this time, this is specific to Consolidated Edison only.   Extensive discussions have taken place over the last 2 months which included a number of one-topic meetings specific to this effort.  More information can be found on the particulars of these meetings within the MarketWISE Intelligence reports.  

Next meeting: Friday April 7, 2017 at 10AM ET; 866-776-3553 PIN: 85436231#




Ohio - OEWG – Tuesday March 28, 2017 

PUCO Updates
PUCO continues to review a number of areas previously identified within the OEWG.  These include: (a) Proposed Rule Changes to Net Metering; (b) 867MU/IU – add new PTD~BB loop for reporting EDU’s customer billing usage data; (c) Daylight Savings Time (DST) reporting.  No updates took place during this meeting.


2017 Implementation Guide Updates
Now passed, the OEWG will move forward with the needed steps to get the 2017 Implementation Guide posted

Next MeetingTuesday April 25, 2017 at 11AM ET; 866-209-2820; PIN- 9291091549#



Pennsylvania - EDEWG – Thursday March 2, 2017   

Annual Version Update to Regional EDI Implementation Guidelines
EDEWG previously approved the draft redline version update for Pennsylvania.  NJ conducted their March Working Group meeting where they also approved the Implementation Guidelines. EDEWG finalized and distributed the final version of the EDI guidelines across the regional EDI working groups on March 15th

Duquesne Light EDII Issues
Duquesne Light identified a couple of issues that they encountered to the EDEWG.  This included…(a) 814E – Duquesne rejecting 814E when “CE” and “HU” requests are received in separate transactions on the same day for same customer account and, (b) 867MU/IU – For Bill Ready, the DTM*649 (Document Due Date) is being sent based on calendar days instead of business days.  Both issues are being investigated with no completion date identified as yet.

Next Meeting: Thursday April 6, 2017 at 2PM ET; 888-238-2971; PIN- 41691751#



Texas SET – Tuesday March 21, 2017

Issues presented
2016-I143, Validation Processes … When a Character is Included in the Customer Name on a Switch or MVI Transaction--Review ERCOT Options

2017-I144, Guard Light Type replacement / New MVI, Same Customer.  Some TDSPs stated that system constraints and possible tariff requirements may prevent multiple Guard Lite types to be contained on one ESI ID.  TX SET membership agreed to investigate internally and to continue the discussions next month.  

Flight Update
Update all Scripts to replace “MCTDSP” with “MOU/EC TDSP”.  The ERCOT Flight Administrator reviewed the changes made to the scripts. Texas SET agreed to all the changes.  Update on Sharyland Utilities combined Tariff testing requirements expected for existing CRs that are certified in one of the Sharyland territories, but not the other.  Texas SET agreed that the penny test and connectivity test might be the only scripts required, but requested that Sharyland investigate internally what those testing requirements will be.

Next Meeting: Tuesday April 18, 2017 at 9:30AM CT; 877-668-4493; Meeting number: 627 901 207; Meeting password: TXSET
Let us know if you have questions about how your business should react to these changes. MarketWISE has information products and more detailed reports that can help or we can provide customized consulting.
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