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Thursdays are for Guest Devotionals and todays comes from George Lee.  George is a retired pastor, musician, writer, and he is a friend to me.  I am also glad to share the devotionals written by George.  You’ll enjoy this one, too!  Thanks, George.
The Apostle Paul told us, "Bodily exercise profits little," or words to that effect. Physical exercise is good for you. I know I should do more of it. My doctor asks me each time I visit him just how my exercise program is coming along. I generally tell him that I have a basement and go up and down the steps about fifty times a day. But, in reality, my body does not want me to do too much, so I developed a program of strenuous activities that do not require noticeable physical exercise. You are welcome to use my program free of charge. Here it is. Go to work!
Beating around the bush. Jumping to conclusions. Climbing the walls. Swallowing my pride. Passing the buck. Throwing my weight around. Counting hypocrites. Dragging my heels. Pushing my luck. Making mountains out of molehills. Hitting the nail on the head. Wading through paperwork. Bending over backwards. Jumping on the bandwagon. Balancing the books. Running around in circles. Eating crow.  Tooting my horn. Climbing the ladder of success. Pulling out the stops. Adding fuel to the fire. Opening a can of worms. Putting my foot in my mouth. Starting the ball rolling. Going over the edge and picking up the pieces. What a workout! I think I'll exercise caution and sit down.
Tongue in cheek, of course. But we are guilty, I suspect. What kind of exercise program do you have? Probably about like mine, if you will admit it and tell the truth. We are all alike. All of us know what is right and wrong. Paul Harvey used to say, "We all know so much better than we do."
So, let's get up, and go to work and do better. I believe I can be a better person for the Lord, and He expects this of me. I think I'll try harder.
George Lee
Hendersonville, Tennessee
Vision 20/20 Reading Plan:  Acts 16

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