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I want to take a little time over the next several weeks and look at a passage in the book of Matthew that we commonly refer to as “The Beatitudes.”  You can probably quote some of them from memory.  It is a beautiful passage. You will find it in Matthew 5. It is the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount.
We all probably tend to skip right to the word that Jesus spoke. After all, they are the ones in red, right? But let’s begin with the first couple of verses of the passage.
“When He saw the crowds, He went up to the mountain, and after He sat down, His disciples came to Him. Then, He began to teach them saying…” (Matthew 5:1-2)
We live in a busy world. We grab something to eat as we run from one appointment to another. We eat in our cars. We read an email sitting at a red light. We go from event to event. If you have children living at home, you have multiple calendars to keep up with everyone’s schedule. Did you know that when computers were first coming on the scene, a Senate report suggested that by 1985 Americans would have much more free time and that we would all probably retire by the age of 40? It didn’t happen that way, did it? We have computers, smartphones, and iPads. Self-driving cars are just around the corner. And, yet, the average workweek has increased from 40 to 47 hours a week. And, many Americans now have two jobs just to make ends meet.
I don’t know a lot about music, but I do know that there is a symbol called a ‘rest.’ No music. No singing. No sound. Nothing. Just a pause.
Life needs a rest mark. Jesus went to the mountain and sat down. He invited His disciples to join Him. He invites you to join Him, too.
Here is a word from the Word:
“When He saw the crowds, He went up on the mountain, and after He sat down, His disciples came to Him. Then, He began to teach them saying: Blessed are the poor in spirit, because the kingdom of heaven is theirs. Blessed are those who mourn, because they will be comforted. Blessed are the gentle, because they will inherit the earth. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, because they will be filled. Blessed are the merciful, because they will be shown mercy. Blessed are the pure in heart, because they will see God. Blessed are the peacemakers, because they will be called the sons of God. Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness, because theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when they insult and persecute you and falsely say every kind of evil against you because of Me. Be glad and rejoice, because your reward is great in heaven.” (Matthew 5:1-12)
Have a great Friday!
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