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February 28, 2019

A Message from Secretariat

As a member of the CACS (Canadian Anglican Cursillo Secretariat) we are all responsible to review a number of the CACS Guidelines every six years.
I am presently reviewing The Guideline “The Evaluation a Diocesan Cursillo Movement”.  As I read what made a healthy Cursillo movement, I was reminded of the importance of grouping, attending ultreyas, being in community and the importance of mentoring those on their journey by helping them to join a group reunion, bringing them to ultreyas and holding them up in prayer.
Cursillo has had a profound effect on me, but it was not until I reviewed the guidelines that I was reminded of the importance for each of us to share our gifts in some way to support and strengthen our local cursillo movement.
As I read the guidelines, it made me look at my faith journey through fresh eyes. To try to discern where I am in my spiritual growth?  Am I open to change? Have I become complacent?  Am I missing opportunities to invite people to ultreyas and, by not following up on announcements of upcoming Cursillo weekends at church I may have missed opportunities to reach someone wanting to grow in faith?
It has reminded me to evaluate how I am growing, where I am struggling and to be open to change as I serve within the Cursillo and wider community.  And to ask myself, “am I willing to step out of my comfort zone? “Is it time widen my circle?
The first page of this guideline was a good place for me to start. It has an overall approach outlined under these headings:
a. Develop a vision
b. Assess where you are 
c. Identify gaps          
d. Set goals    
e. Plan actions           
f.  Evaluate yourselves
These six statements are ways of looking at our cursillo movement, but as I read it, it made me reflect on my own journey. Am I sharing the gifts God wants me to?  Am I following the Fourth Day Method? Am I fostering others on their journey?  And how can I reach people where the are?
We are encouraged to be a friend, make a friend and bring a friend to Jesus. We can do this by just asking a friend to attend an Ultreya with you, or to join a Group Reunion, and to invite them to attend a workshop to help them understand the Cursillo method more and be in community.  We can never be a community of one.  Jesus sent his disciples out in groups of twos.  We need to be in community to grow.
The Cursillo Movements runs Workshops such as DODO. (Day Of Deeper Understanding) and CLW (Cursillo Learners Workshop) to build on the Cursillo weekend to reinforce the three day method.  Visit the website for more details.
 You can check the CACS guideline by going to the Canadian Anglican Cursillo website. 
I will leave you with these questions to ponder:
Where are you on your faith journey?
Do you need a short course to rekindle the fire?  
Do you want to be in community with friends?
Where are you being called be serve?
Reach out to the Cursillo community.   “We are all on the same journey”          
De Colores,

Bev Hatt.        
Ottawa Diocese CACS Rep. 

Prayer & Praise Ultreya

The February Ultreya was held on February 24th at St Paul's in Almonte!  It was a smaller gathering but so uplifting!   

March Ultreya will be held at St Paul's, Kanata on Saturday March 16th at 7:30 pm.



How Has God Played a Role in My Life this Past Month?
Written by Ruth Speer

Faith Filled Friendships - Drawing My Circle Wider and Wider Still

Have you ever met someone for the first time and sensed that this person feels like a kindred spirit?  Have you ever felt that same experience but perhaps you didn’t actually meet that person face-to-face?  Perhaps the meeting came about through a phone call, or an email or even a text message. 

I have had three recent blessings of friendship arrive in the last month and each has been an affirmation of God’s faithfulness in my life.

The first is a new classmate, we shared email addresses and in my response to her, I mentioned if she ever needed prayer for herself or her family, to let me know.  Through this exchange of prayerful emails, we have opened our circle to include another friend, who has gone through similar experiences as my new friend is facing.  Who better, I thought, to provide her some additional prayer support and guidance than my special friend, Reine.  A newly appointed minister in a warm and welcoming multicultural community.  The email exchanges between us are deep and full of the love of God, and it’s wonderful to watch the circle being drawn wider.

The second renewed friendship was created through a former co-worker.  This young man had offered to help adjust something in my new office setting upon arrival in a new workplace.  I sensed a kindred spirit, as he too was fairly new on the scene and learning about the company just as I was.  It wasn’t long in the conversation before I discovered a Cursillo connection, his Dad is a retired Anglican priest.  I decided to reach out to this young man’s parents this past Christmas, sending them a Christmas card and a personal note about the blessings I had experienced in working with their son for the past 7 years and the powerful connection I felt to his parents.  Even though we didn’t truly “know one another”, we have some similarities in our faith journey and therefore we actually “do know one another”.  They replied with the warmth and comfort of a long-standing friendship rekindled and it was another amazing glimpse of watching my circle being drawn wider still.

The third new friendship developed out of the offer to share some time with a family dealing with the implications of a difficult illness.  I offered to visit this person in their home so the other family member could have some time away and enjoy a lunch date with a friend.  It went so well, that we arranged a time for a second visit and upon my arrival in the home, I learned the gentleman had a difficult night and was resting.  As she arrived back home after her time away, I explained what a wonderful visit I had that morning.  She laughed and asked me who had I visited with, as her husband had been resting the entire time I was there.  I explained that I had felt the presence of God as I entered their home that morning and was privileged to be there as God opened the circle and allowed me in.

I hope and pray God is bringing new friends to your circle and you can enjoy the rich blessings of watching your circle be drawn wide and wider still!
How has God played a role in your life this past month?

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