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We are involved in an exciting new project called TRIANGLE that is building a framework to help app developers and device manufacturers in the evolving 5G sector to test and benchmark new mobile applications, devices, and services utilizing existing and extended FIRE testbeds. This framework will evaluate Quality of Experience - QoE of new mobile applications, services and devices designed to operate in the future 5G mobile broadband networks -and enable certification for new mobile applications and devices.

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Funding (open call) Opportunities

Companies or institutions can apply to use the TRIANGLE infrastructure explaining their application, its benefits and their technical approach. Up to 15 successful applicants will be invited to run experiments on the TRIANGLE infrastructure with a maximum amount of € 20,000 available for each experiment.
Triangle will also fund two further proposals up to €100k each to extend the functionalities of the main testbed in the project with new 5G networking scenario capabilities. Proposals will extend the main testbed at UMA with EPC and/or radio access features by remote or local connection to other testbeds (e.g. FIRE, 5GPPP, SMEs, research institutions, vendors, operators, ..).

An End-to-End World

With the TRIANGLE test bed you will be able to experiment with a comprehensive Device Cloud, full 4G and Wi-Fi Radio Access Networks emulation, 3GPP EPC Network emulation, SDN network and applications emulation, live App testing deployment. A true end-to-end complete sandbox to play with.
There are six partners in the Triangle Project: Keysight Technologies, Belgium/Denmark, University of Malaga (UMA), Spain, RedZinc, Ireland, University College London (UCL), UK; AT4 Wireless, Spain and Quamotion, Belgium.
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 688712.
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