Winter Newsletter from the Tomales Bay Youth Center.
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La Vida

Welcome to La Vida, the Tomales Bay Youth Center's newly formed, quarterly newsletter. We plan to produce a newsletter seasonally to share program highlights, to feature outstanding West Marin youth and to reflect on the amazing experiences we have shared with our community partners.
Recently, the Lounge received Communications Funding through the
West Marin Fund's Fall 2015 grant cycle. Working with technology consultant, Richard Vallejos, The Lounge is in the process of setting up a more robust communication plan that will allow our program to share essential information with ease. We hope you will learn what is happening at the Youth Center, who our young people are and who our valued and respected partners are. We believe our newsletter will continue to nurture key relationships with West Marin school communities, families living in West Marin and organizations in support of youth services and the Tomales Bay Youth Center. Thank you West Marin Fund. We are grateful for the support.

The TBYC is a diverse, youth-driven program, offering a safe, supervised, dedicated space for West Marin youth to gather and engage in positive group activities. In 2011, the Tomales Bay Youth Center (TBYC) opened its doors as a 6th through 12th grade, drop-in, after-school program. Initiated, sponsored, and largely constructed by the West Marin Lions Club, we have gotten a strong start. Without the continued support of our West Marin Lions Club, without our existing lease agreement with
Shoreline Unified School District and without a critical need for Youth Services in West Marin, our program would not exist. Thank you especially to Shoreline Unified School District, the West Marin Lions Club and the Tomales Bay Youth Center families for helping us create something, where there was nothing, for many generations.

The Winter highlights, selected for the newsletter, help convey the appreciation we have in working with our community, the organizations and the people who make our work possible. It is only a sample of what we have to share. You can find out more about our program online at our
Facebook page, on our website, or by stopping by the Tomales Bay Youth Center on the West Marin School campus. We are open Monday, Wednesday from 3 until 6pm and Fridays from 3 until 9pm. Please stop by, say hello and we invite you to consider how the Lounge can support your work in West Marin.            
         – Madeline Nieto Hope,
            Executive Director, Tomales Bay Youth Center    

Program Highlights

High School Outing
While the Middle School aged youth met at the Dance Palace for the first Winter Dance, The Lounge high schoolers went bowling at the Petaluma Lanes. Our outing with our older teens was special and a significant change from years past. The benefit of having the Dance Palace Community Center host the Middle School Dance that evening, allowed the Lounge staff to focus completely on the High School aged youth who were all enthused and  grateful for the opportunity to have an evening out of town with their peers. 
A Gingerbread House Masterpiece.
At the start of the Winter holiday, CLAM hosted a gingerbread house contest at the Town Commons. Thanks to the Ohama-Lee family for sponsoring the project.

*Check-out our 1st Place Ribbon!
34 YOUTH + 1 patient STAGECOACH driver + TBYC staff = 
Ice Skating Fun at
Northgate Mall

A season favorite for all of us. Each year, we make our way to Northgate Mall via public transportation to ice skate while gracing the central Marin public with the presence of a swarming team of West Marin young people. This year, thrilled by the rain on that night in particular, we had a skating rink with pools of water but still many enthusiastic, wet ice skaters with big smiles on their faces. The adults came to pick up their soggy, wet people at the mall. 

Living la Vida

San Francisco Outing- Pier 7
TBYC's most recent trip to San Francisco via the Larkspur Ferry happened during a non-school, teacher work-day. While parents were at work, we had an outstanding Exploratorium session before eating a late lunch at the Ferry Building and heading home to West Marin. We felt so alive in the rain, on the SF Bay exploring and adventuring.
Thank you Marin County Free Library, Bolinas Stinson Youth Group (the Den) and Don Jolley for the spectacular stargazing. Thank you Imelda Macias for the delicious food.  Thank you Bridget Bartholome and your Den staff, parent drivers from Bolinas and Nicasio, the Bovine Bakery and the families in West Marin who made Teen Stargazing with Don Jolley out of this world. We had well over 50 youth come from all reaches of the West Marin territory. Way to shine!


Youth DJ Project with KWMR
Tune in every other Wednesday from 4-5. You will find extraordinary music. Thank you to Katie Eberle for training our aspiring Youth DJs: Liam, Faolan, Emily, Josh, Gabriel, Paul, John, Clarissa, Bella, Keelynn and 5th grade-DJ in training, Natalia. Youth DJ is listed in the KWMR program as well as on out monthly calendar. You can listen to past shows through the KWMR-Youth DJ archives.
Future Fund
Tomales Bay Youth Center is the beneficiary of the newly formed Future Fund. This fund is a dollar for dollar matching grant program that allows each and every dollar invested in the fund to be added to a growing annual contribution to the Lounge. The funds are applied to scholarships, costs associated with the program and staffing which is still largely sponsored by the West Marin Lions Club. The fund was initiated to help stabilize funding for the TBYC. 

Get Involved 

This year the County of Marin – Board of Supervisors got involved and helped fund an additional staff person. With the $6000 grant, we have hired Jason Green to assist at the Lounge. Thank you Supervisor Kinsey for your continued support since the inception of the Tomales Bay Youth Center program.

Parents and Guardians – Please make sure that your family's tuition payment and membership paperwork is complete and current.
  • We ask for $15/month for the academic school year, September through June. Summer Tuition is separate.
  • If the payment is a hardship please, contact our office and request a scholarships or,  set up an alternate plan. No-one is turned away for lack of funds.
  • Tuition is due by the 5th of each month unless, you have paid in full at the start of the year.
We acknowledge the many donors who got involved and have either donated directly to the Tomales Bay Youth Center through West Marin Community Services, our Fiscal Agent, or donated directly to the Future Fund. This past year we used all of the funds to pay for scholarships for families in need as well as operational costs of the program. We are grateful for each dollar you donate. Thank you for your donation to this program in perpetuity. Please visit the West Marin Fund or West Marin Community Services for more information.

The Lounge – Tomales Bay Youth Center is part of the West Marin Coalition for Healthy Kids which part of a County-wide initiative to address under age use of drugs and alcohol. We meet every two months in communities throughout West Marin. Our next meeting will happen at Lagunitas School, March 2nd  from 11:30 until 1pm. Please join us in this important work.

Youth Leadership Institute is involved with both Ruby Clarke and Joshua Rowe who are current Marin County Youth Commissioners, representing youth from the West Marin region. Their involvement as Commissioners and on the Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol committee goes above and beyond the school day, often taking weekends and weekday evenings to complete all the trainings, data collection and data sifting responsibilities. We are proud to have both of these awesome leaders as part of our Youth Center community. 

Bay Area Community Resources has gotten involved since middle of last year. We are fortunate work with Pam Taylor who has helped the Lounge staff launch a regular Council Session into Youth program. We have participated in several Restorative Justice training with Restorative Resources and Marin County Youth Court. We have recently started to attend Marin County Youth Court on Thursday evenings. We will do this with the San Geronimo Valley's Loft Program. We welcome drivers and all youth interested in attending with us. 

West Marin Senior Services  got involved when Mark Solomon invited the Loungers to make Valentines Day cards for our Seniors to give to their loved ones. The young artists made 25 handmade cards during their time at the Youth Center and 25 more during Art Classes at West Marin School with Colleen Conley. These kids have heart! In addition, Earlier this winter the Youth Center made the large sculpted decorations for the large tree in front of Wells Fargo Bank.

Wildcat Rummage Sale – Please begin to save your quality reusable materials for the annual Rummage Sale and Flea Market which will happen on April 16th, 2016 the day before the annual Recycle Circus – April 17th, 2016. You can donate your stuff to the Tomales Bay Youth Center, receive a tax receipt for your goods and allow the TBYC youth to sell your stuff; Or you can rent a $10/space in the Flea Market area and sell your own stuff. The funding generated helps to support a summer program at the Lounge. This annual circulation event is in partnership with the West Marin School PTSA.
Photo by David Briggs
Heart of Marin Recipient – Ruby Raye Clarke
"We deserve an opportunity to learn from our mistakes, to receive support from our peers and adults, and to contribute as leaders in this community, to making it safer and healthier for all of us." Ruby Raye Clarke is an 8th grader from West Marin School, and Co-Chair of the Marin County Youth Commission, and a member of Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol (CMCA). Last week Ruby addressed the Board of Supervisors during a merit hearing in which the Board unanimously adopted amendments to the county's Social Host Ordinance. Watch the videos!  #SocialHostOrdinance — at Marin County Board of Supervisors.
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