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It’s Time for Out of the Box Thinking About Collaboration

There is growing pressure on private foundations to pick up shortfalls as government budgets around the world continue to be squeezed. There are limited funding sources to tap, and a growing number of organizations vying for these monies.  Funders and donors are increasingly partnering with those groups who are working together to achieve the common goal of improving outcomes for their constituents.

Historically, non-profit collaborations centered on discreet partnerships between local groups who shared a common mission. These partnerships were geared towards expanding or improving regional program services, and included shared best practices and/or back office services. This short-sighted strategy rarely yielded long term sustained social change.

For non-US based organizations, this emerging strategy involves pursuing creative partnerships through corporate sponsorship.  If, for example, your organization operates in an area where the economy is tourism-based, partnering with hotels to promote local projects can provide access to a new and potentially very lucrative donor.
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Keep on top of your Grant Information

A small to medium side nonprofit organization may submit somewhere between 12 and 50 proposals a year. As an executive director role development director or even the fundraising committee chair, how do you keep track of all of the information? What do you need to track?

Keeping on top of grants information is critical. But it so rarely receives the attention needed. This can mean missed grant deadlines, new priorities for funders and important conversations your organization may have had with the funders. A grants tracker in Excel or Google sheets is a simple way to organize your grant writing work. Some very simple rules to follow:

Set up the first sheet as a monthly calendar overview. Each foundation is listed with the grant deadline marked by month and date. You can add as much or as little extra information as you need. For example clients like to allocate “A” priority funders to designated board members to develop relationships.

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To download a sample grants tracker, visit

Do you Need to Improve Your Online Communications?

The above infographic from the 2016 Non Profit Communication Trends Report shows the importance of social media sites for nonprofits. You have work to do if you don’t have an up-to-date website and a presence at least on Facebook. Twitter and YouTube would also be good!

Yet in the 2017 Non Profit Communication Trends report, most development directors spend little to no time managing social media, the website, or media relations in particular. The major exception is events, where development staff spend much more time than communications staff. Unless you are a large organization with a separate communications teams, this presents an opportunity to build awareness of your organization, promote your cause. And fundraise! How does your organization measure up?

Do you have an up-to-date website that reflects your programs, your leadership and a “donate now” button? Many smaller organizations do not take the time to ensure their website and Facebook tells their story and set in place a plan for regular updates and revisions. Perhaps 2018 is the time to set up a taskforce to revamp or update your website and Facebook?

To download the 2017 report, click here.

Regional Meetings on Tax Reform Now Scheduled in Every Region of Massachusetts

MNN Regional Meetings for every region of Massachusetts are now scheduled and open for registration. These meetings are free and open to all nonprofits. The meetings will focus on the new tax reform law and its effects on nonprofits. MNN will answer questions and touch upon ways Massachusetts nonprofits can prepare for the new challenges, as well as take advantage of new opportunities, posed by tax reform. We will also provide a membership update, discuss other policy updates, and provide time for informal networking. Register to attend a Regional Meeting by clicking here.

Diversify your Funding in 2018 – Your Survival May Depend On It!

Now more than ever before, it’s imperative that nonprofit organizations pay attention to the current political and economic environment. When President Trump released his budget "blueprint," last year, it was clear that his plan included dramatically reducing domestic spending. If you aren’t careful, you may find yourself suddenly out of funding.  

You may not have caught the news, but there is a plan to end the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program. Last year, potential cuts were centered only around gutting Meals on Wheels, even though most of the funding for this program came from the Older Americans Act Title IIIC). New proposed budget reductions to the CDBG program will result in much greater damage – hitting every state in the country. In MA alone, significant funding cuts could drive up to $71 million in lost funding in grants.

Local organizations receiving this type of funding use the money to support the operation of many community-based non-profits, such as yours. These groups provide a wide range of vital services to their communities, including meals to seniors, low income daycare centers, network revitalization, economic development, infrastructure and public services. If you are one of the many human services organizations that are more than 40% dependent on CDBG grants, your future could be at risk. Leadership must begin to think now about strategies for absorbing a potential loss of funding support.  

Among the proactive steps to consider:
  1. Increase individual fundraising
  2. Develop relationships with private foundations that support your work
  3. Consider a strategic planning board advance (retreat) based on scenario planning
Do not assume that your funding support will continue as is! Your future may depend on re-thinking how to keep your organization solvent in unsettling political times. 

Reminder for the Essex County Community Foundation Institute of Trustees - March, 24, 2017, Pingree School, Hamilton

The IFT is the region's premier educational conference for nonprofit board leaders and executive directors. In addition to Paul Schmitz' keynote address on "The Culture of Collective Impact.", join hundreds of your nonprofit colleagues for networking and more than two dozen workshops and classes on board development, financial sustainability, fundraising, strategic planning and much more, all taught by the region's leading experts. 

Click here to register

On The Lighter Side

  • Read "Born a Crime" by Trevor Noah.  Funny, informative and inspiring.
  • Click here for a great infographic on the health and human services sector:

Rice in a china dish for dinner!

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