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Welcome to the Emerging Executive December newsletter – your news for board development, strategic planning and other important nonprofit insights.

Read on to find out more about setting your New Year’s resolutions, and a great new resource for nonprofits operating in Essex County MA, plus more.

We send you this newsletter along with our best wishes to you and your families for a Happy Holiday season.  Until 2017….

With warm wishes,
Nadia, Meghan and Rhonda

Words for Uncertain Times

Many people are feeling uncertain or even fearful about the future after the recent US election, including many of the wonderful clients we work with at Emerging Executive who serve underprivileged populations.

Channel your passion and fear into action. It's important that we speak out and not let complacency take over. Even small, positive actions make a difference. To our communities and our own mindset. Here is what we are doing at Emerging Executive. Last week Rhonda sent an email to Chobani to tell them how she supported the company for hiring immigrants and refugees.  And we are ordering safety pins from Amazon to wear - the movement started in the United Kingdom after the Brexit vote to show support of immigrants.  You can order any range of safety pin products at Amazon and support your favorite nonprofit at the same time!

Who knows what the future may bring. But there are enough of us who will stick together, do the right thing and do the work needed to get us through uncertain times.  And we are honored to help you in your work that makes such a difference in the lives of so many people.

What will you do to ensure the negative does not take over?

Climb Any Mountain:
Achieving your New Year’s Resolutions

Do you feel a sort of panic setting in around this time of year?  An inner dialogue that goes something like this: “Yikes!....  The holidays are nearly here……… Time to set New Year’s resolutions….  BUT I haven’t even accomplish this year’s goals…….. I’m such a failure… Maybe if I set brand-new goals, I’ll be successful….  That one thing everyone tells me I must do, surely I can accomplish just THAT….”

Resolutions are, simply put, the commitment you make to reach a goal.  Yet most of us make resolutions based on wishful thinking and dreams.  Whatever your resolution is, be very clear on the trade-offs required.  What will you need to say “yes” and “no” to?  Most importantly, ask yourself how committed you are to keeping these promises.  If you’re not willing to give up Monday night football to take a class at college, you may not succeed in your larger goal of changing careers.

To make sure you successfully climb the mountain in 2017, set realistic but challenging short and long-term goals which are specific and measurable in outcome and time.  Work in all-important interim steps to boost your sense of accomplishment and keep you moving forward.  And don’t forget to add a rewards system to ensure the journey to reaching your goals is a fun one!

To find out the six ways to set and reach your 2017 goals and read the full article click here.

Please.   Just say Thank You! 

Hopefully most of you have sent your annual appeal. Congratulations! Now you need to say thank you, with more than just a standard letter.

When most of us think about fundraising, it is about asking for money.  The core of fundraising success - however is building relationships with donors.  The donor retention rate in 2014 was only 43%.  Even more startling, the retention rate for first-time or new donors is a paltry 19%.  You are missing out on unrestricted funds which will make all the difference to your cash flow!

Think about what your own life for a moment. Don’t you feel different (have a warm fuzzy feeling) when you get a thank you email, letter or phone call after you have helped a friend do something.  It’s the same principle for fundraising. 

In a recent experiment by Penelope Burk, author of Donor-Centered Fundraising, when board members made thank you calls within 48 hours of receiving donations, those called gave an average of 39% more than those who weren’t called, and they gave 42% more after 14 months!   This is the difference between turning a first time prospect into a donor (someone who gives to your organization more than once).   

Don’t throw potential future money out the window.  Your job is to cultivate donors.  Inform them about your good work, how their money is used, invite them to see the program they funded.
And, it’s also a great way to get board members involved with fundraising.  All they need to do is pick up the phone and say “thank you” as those donations come in from your appeal. Or write a handwritten note on the thank you letter.

A quick reminder about our fundraising webinar series. Individual webinars can be purchased for $45 each, or the full series for $160 and receive a free 20 minute consultation.  

For further information visit.

Impact Essex County: New Resource for Nonprofits Providing Service in Essex County, MA.

ECCF's new Impact Essex County website is the result of months of comprehensive research on the state of the County. Interactive, data-driven and fun-to-use, the website tells the story of Essex County.  The project spans 100 indicators tracking the quality of life in Essex County, spotlighting where the county shines and where it struggles. Did you know?

  •  In 2010-14, over 27,000 children in Essex County were living in poverty, or about 16% of all children under 18.
  • Essex County had job growth of 1.4% from 2013 to 2014, just below the state (1.8%) and nation (1.9%).
  • About 87% of the 2011 cohort graduated in Essex County in 2015, the same rate as the state.

Find much more detailed information on specific indicators including health, children and youth, demographics, and education on the website. Take a look.  It’s a fantastic resource especially for grant writers!

Just Released: Commonwealth Insights from the Massachusetts NonProfit Network: (MNN) 

Earlier this week MNN released its third edition of Commonwealth Insights, a publication that highlights policy, issues, and trends important to the nonprofit sector. This edition focuses on individual giving and its importance to nonprofits, an especially important topic on Giving Tuesday.

This Commonwealth Insights begins with data from an MNN member survey, which found that 82% of respondents rely upon individual donations. That is a higher percentage than foundation funding, corporate funding, or government funding.  And it aligns with the data each year from Giving USA. All the more reason to "Please. Just Say Thank You". 

Commonwealth Insights also includes data from the Giving Common, an initiative of the Boston Foundation, which highlights the fact that so many nonprofits run lean. Finally, the report discusses the potential impact that changes in federal tax policy could have on Massachusetts nonprofits. Click here to read this edition of Commonwealth Insights

On the Lighter Side

Want to see a great movie?  Check out The Queen of Katwe.  A true story of a young girl selling corn on the streets of Uganda whose world changes when she is introduced to the game of chess, and realizes her dream of becoming an international chess champion.

Smart, funny and utterly captivating novel ... "Nutshell" by Ian McEwan.

Bird Watching
And a song from the Emerging Executive office team!

A Quick Reminder

Our services at Emerging Executive help nonprofit organizations through the most appropriate combination of consulting, executive coaching, or training for your organization, and always incorporates practical experience and feedback. Services include: board and leadership development, executive coaching, strategic planning, and grant writing.


“Nadia is an expert facilitator and top notch consultant. Her work with us helped us to focus and blend new ideas into a long standing organization. She consistently brought us back to top level thinking and ensured our activities were mission driven. Her research methods were thorough allowing for excellent information for decision making. I personally enjoyed working with her at two different organizations”

Andrew Fish  SVP Business Development at CenterState CEO
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