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Why Your Nonprofit Needs to Get Political - Now!

What follows is an excellent article from nonprofit consultant Julia Campbell. It is an excellent commentary on the advocacy work we all need to be thinking about moving forward which I felt was important to share.

"There is little doubt that Trump’s presidency has been unwelcome news for most of the nonprofit sector. With promises to abolish the Johnson Amendment(a horrible, terrible idea), along with angry rhetoric that demeans many of the populations nonprofits serve and protect, the man and his ideals are disastrous – not just for the country, but for the third sector as a whole.

Read the full article here

Another colleague, Gayle Gifford added this additional, very important advice:
"As this issue advocacy could easily flip into the realm of lobbying as the proposed budget starts to work its way through Congress, it would be good for nonprofits who haven't filed the federal safe harbor for lobbying to investigate doing so. The safe harbor is an expenditure test under Section 501h (thus it is often known as a 501h election) which has clear definitions of how much lobbying, both direct and grassroots, is allowed. The IRS form to elect that safe harbor is 5768. Here's a link to the IRS website with more explanation. Groups can talk to their accountants or attorneys to see if this is right for them."

What Can Your Organization Achieve with Global Giving?

Last year I wrote about a great online fundraising platform to consider as part of an integrated fundraising plan.  A year on, let me give you examples of  two clients used Global Giving to boost their individual fundraising.  Every quarter Global Giving offers the Accelerator challenge where, in a defined timeframe, your goal is to raise $5,000 from 40 individual donors with 20% matching funds available until they run out.  If you are successful, your organization becomes a full member of the Global Giving site.

Neither client had done individual fundraising and approached the challenge with some trepidation. One client - with a database of only 300 numbers - met the challenge within 48 hours and doubled the amount by the end of the challenge period.  The second client also met the challenge and raised over $7,000.  It was a great experience for both organizations. One of the biggest benefits was that board members who were skeptical about fundraising were excited, involved and now believe "Yes we can!"   Both groups are now full members and eligible for future Global Giving Challenges for up to 50% in matching funds in future challenges.  Remember Mickaboo Cockatiel Rescue?  In four years, this organization has raised over $105,000 through GlobalGiving, including "$17,000 in free money" from the many matching fund opportunities offered through the site.  They also added over 1000 new supporters outside of their catchment area, and secured 17 regular monthly donors. 

Critical to success is your marketing and social media outreach before the campaign starts. Every week for a month before the Global Giving campaign promote the campaign on Facebook, via email and Twitter.  You want to send out your first Global Giving campaign email blast at about 12.01am on the start day of the campaign to maximize your chances of getting matching funds before they run out! 

Isn't this incentive to get going? For further information, please contact Pamela Lee at

Develop Resiliency and Improve Your Leadership Capabilities

The more you learn how to leverage challenges as opportunities to grow, the more resilient you are likely to become. Developing resiliency results in better leadership. All of us experience pain, both personally and professionally. But some of us suffer much more than others and are unable to use experiences as growth vehicles.  I always say pain is informative, suffering is optional.  But why do some people handle stressful events better than others? And why can some people use these experiences to improve their leadership skills while others don’t seem to have this ability?

People who weather storms more effectively tend to view the world through a specific lens. Instead of focusing on the negative, they view challenges as welcome learning opportunities.   

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What is a Fundraising Case and Why Do I Need One Anyway?

Almost every time I work with an organization, I am questioned about the need to develop a fundraising case. Most people believe that fundraising cases are only necessary for large organizations, like universities or hospitals, who approach donors for major endowment gifts. While that may be true, it is equally true that 85% of charitable dollars come from individual donors (see February newsletter for additional details) who support smaller non-profits. 
EVERY organization soliciting charitable giving needs a fundraising case. In fact, creating this document is arguably one of the most tasks that a non-profit organization undertakes, regardless of size or status. Developing a fundraising case allows you an opportunity to clearly articulate your vision to the rest of your organization and to the community at large, and will support any future fundraising ventures. By outlining a strong case for what you are asking for, and how it will help sustain the organization long term, you are helping to support your board and staff in prospecting future donors. Without a compelling story, you won’t able to raise money!
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To learn how to get started developing your fundraising case,visit and download the webinar on Fundraising Planning.  It’s one in a series of useful and simple to understand webinars designed to give you an overview of how to maximize your fundraising strategies.

Everybody Leads!  An all Encompassing Approach to Board Leadership

On March 25, I was privileged to co-facilitate a Master Class at the annual Essex County Community Foundation, Institute for Trustees on Board Leadership with my associate Marie Peeler.  Our goal was to introduce board members to a holistic life cycle model for nonprofit organizations which they - or you - can apply to your own organization as you think about leadership. The benefit of this approach is a common frame of reference and language to talk about the organization that allows the board to develop a team with skills and behaviors appropriate for the organization. And it provides the ability to set "stage-related" realistic goals not only for the board but also for other critical components of organization development.

Leadership is required at all stages of course, BUT the stage that your organization is at - particularly the board - will determine the type of leadership required for your organization. The workshop also offered a new way to think about leadership through creative competencies that drive leadership success and the reactive tendencies that can derail leadership. What do you as a team need to further develop using the lifecycle model as your guide?  What do you need to give up?

Marie is an excellent executive coach and a great resource for anyone looking to explore more about emotional intelligence and leadership. 

Click here to find some examples of the lifecycle model, an exercise you can use with your board and some extra material on leadership.

To learn more please visit or

We look forward to delivering the workshop again this year.

MA Nonprofit Awareness Day – June 5, 2017

On Monday, June 5, hundreds of nonprofit and business leaders, along with elected officials, will celebrate the work of the nonprofit sector and raise awareness of causes throughout the state at Massachusetts Nonprofit Network’s Awareness Day.  During the celebration, MNN will present the winners of this year’s Nonprofit Excellence Awards to nonprofit organizations and employees that exemplify the most innovative, creative and effective work being done throughout the Commonwealth.

Click here to register

On the Lighter Side

WOW!   An apt name of an extraordinary new exhibition at the Peabody Essex Museum on Wearable clothing. You will walk around saying Wow!

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