The new normal. modus2go. new new coffees and what's on the way.
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The situation is rough. Essentially every business has had to reinvent their model and approach, including us. Store is open only twice a week for pre-orders and take out. See our new local only modus2go site here for details. We'll always have some extra bags for last minute walk ins as well.

You'll find merch, all our coffees, and we're always adding new things - be sure to keep tabs with us and other small local businesses. Spending your money conciously now is more important than ever.

COVID has done a number on everyone. Staff, especially in the any type of hospitality will be hard hit. That's why we started a new gift card program where the crew gets 100% of the profits, and the best part is you'll get to use the card once we're back to regular store hours. Pick one up here, or gift one to a friend who should be drinkng coffee more conciously.

Thank you and be safe - 

coast - Brazil, Fazenda de Serra & Cerradao, ntrl
dom - Brazil, Ademir Pereira, Mantiquera de Minas, ntrl

latif - Colombia, Taminango reg. lot, wshd
bare - na
 - next up Guatemala, Ricardo Zelaya, Santa Clara, hny
 - next up Brazil, Danielle Fonseca,  Fazenda de Serra, ntrl

hiro - Colombia, Jerico community project, ntrl
opus - na
 - next up, waiting on fresh crop Ethiopians in May/June

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