Celebrating the Broadway shops 1 year with a Guatemalan Geisha
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Preorders open - Limited Guatemalan Geisha

In celebration of our Broadway shop turning 1 mid December, we've sourced 15LBs of a very excellent geisha out of Guatemala, and it does not disappoint. 

We will be brewing this coffee in store and will have about 30-35 100g tins for sale, roasting mid December, if it doesn't sell out before then.

- More on this coffee & Preorders

"What is 'geisha'? Geisha is a more rare varietal of coffee that has super complex and unique flavours. Typically very difficult to grow and cultivate, including it needing higher than normal altitudes. If the right growing conditions aren’t met, the more unique flavours won’t come through which is what makes geisha so special and delicious. Now cultivated in most coffee producing countries, the flavours can vary that much more depending on the terroir."

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