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Coffee tasting in-store June 25.

Our monthly cupping is coming up quick - RSVP to secure a spot for June 25 below – This time around we'll also have Honduran samples, and a ridiculous Guatemalan COE lot. 

'00.CASUAL COFFEE CUPPINGS - Free bag of coffee incl.

Fresh new coffees, literally on the water

We're running it real lean right now - holding out for some delicious things on the way to Vancouver. A couple of new coffees we're looking forward to:

A honey process Costa Rican, with an extra 'reposado' step introduced. Essentially, after the cherries are picked, they are put whole into a holding tank for 32 hours. This helps with normalizing moisture before the honey process stage begins.

Also, a natural process from El Salvador, this is a yellow Icatu varietal, not that well known but showed to be an immensely juicy coffee. 

Look forward to these dropping over the next month or so. 

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