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Water Safety Month 

Summer is coming, are you ready?
As pool season fast approaches we are encouraging all of our families to do a safer inventory of their home pools and to make sure their family establishes safety guidelines with their children of all ages. Kids of all ages and even adults can never be considered completely safe in or around any body of water.


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We can add in layers of protection to keep our loved ones safer. Home pools should be kept up to code: make sure all drains are the proper drains with covers over them, install a fence around the pool itself, put alarms on any door leading to the pool area and do not leave toys in or around the pool as a temptation to little ones.

Swim lessons can help reduce the risk of drowning by 88%, get them in early and often! While swimming, at home or even in a public pool, keep eyes on your children at ALL times. Lifeguards are there for safety of all patrons in the pool, they cannot keep eyes on all patrons at all times and should be given support by parents and caregivers. Any children under the age of 6 or who are not strong swimmers should be within reaching distance of the adult accompanying them. The biggest thing that does not happen is we as families do not sit down and talk about it or establish family rules. Talk about it parents, often, and make it a known set rule for your family.

Drowning is silent and quick, it can happen to anyone at anytime! If you are out on the lake or any other body of water appropriate fitting coast guard approved lifejackets should be required for all levels of swimmers. Use all straps and make sure it is the right size and properly secured to ensure best results.

There is so much we can do if we start the conversation now and make it the norm, let’s spread the word about being safer in and around water and work towards a safer summer. - Coach Ellis

Take the Plunge!
Join your kids in the pool this summer!

About one in five Americans can't swim, according to the Red Cross, for reasons that range from lack of pool access and affordable instruction to bad childhood experiences.  People living in cities are less likely to have learned as children than those living in suburban and rural areas which abound with backyard pools and recreation areas; the same is true of those who come from less-wealthy families.

Despite these obstacles, adult beginners CAN learn to swim!  The key is to take time to go slowly, step by step, and experience how the water works.  Building a strong foundation of basic skills (before learning formal strokes) increases water safety 10-fold.  Moving on to become comfortable and confident in deep water dramatically reduces the risk of drowning and gives aparent the ability to rescue their child in the pool, if necessary.

Come see what’s going on in our JMSS adult program; you’ll be glad you did.

Summer is just around the corner and that means it is time for our Summer swim team!

May 28th - July 5th (no practice July 4th)
Practice is 4 times a week Tues - Fri

at 9.00 -10.00 a.m. or 2:30 - 3:30 p.m.

There will be 4 regular swim meets throughout the season on Mondays with a final championship meet on July 8th. The cost is $350 - this includes every practice, every meet, a team suit and a team cap!

The Marlin’s have been hard at work this season! We had 13 swimmers compete at the last meet with several of them swimming their fastest times yet! Everyone had a blast and we hope to see continued success at the last meet until Fall on May 13th. We hope to see you all there. 
The JMSS USA Swim Team was formed in September, 2017, and is in the midst of their second season as a USA Swimming sanctioned team.  Like many of the JMSS programs, there is a strong emphasis on developing proper technique and providing individualized
coaching.  A low swimmer to coach ratio helps achieve this. The swimmers are learning and refining their competitive racing skills in practice and by participating in meets once a month, while also learning how to be a good teammate.   Head Coach Judy Steiner and Assistant Coaches Collin Baker and Maureen Rea are impressed with the progress of many of the swimmers, and feel many have promising futures in the sport of swimming.

Parents and kiddos keep asking me how I got started in swimming and what keeps me loving the water so much?

I can remember my mom taking me to our neighborhood pool when I was two years old.  I would jump in from the side of the pool and swim 10 feet into my mother’s waiting arms.


As soon as I was old enough to hang out with my neighborhood friends, I would spend 4-5 hours a day at the local beach or the swimming pool  during the summer months .  At the age of seven I joined the local country club swim team and had my first taste of competition.  I don’t remember swimming any races, but I do remember getting my very first award; a plastic statue of Popeye the Sailor Man signifying the courage award which I still display on my office desk at home.


I fell in love with swimming at the age of two and I have been swimming ever since.  Here are just a few of the reasons  why it is important to inspire your kids to love the water.

o be with friends. For children of all ages, friendships are a big part of their lives. If they have several close friends that like to swim, they most likely will want to spend summers at the pool hanging out. 

To learn new skills. What happens when kids see some improvement? They get excited and want to learn more!  Whether it’s learning how to take three big doggie digs and rolling over, 

or keeping a tight streamline (sneaky alligator) kicking off the wall, there can be a lot of satisfaction in learning something new and it encourages them to keep learning new skills.

To receive some attention. When our kids do really well they’ll like the recognition and praise they get from swimming.  Whether it’s a ribbon, a medal, or a high five from one of our instructors, kids thrive on positive reinforcement and attaining goals.

Enjoyment of competition. Some kids love to race while others will compete, but it’s not their favorite thing.  Our Marlins developmental and USA Sailfish swim teams keep kids coming back to try harder and do better each time.  At JMSS we teach that the love of the sport comes from doing your best with coaches, parents and teammates cheering and supporting you on along the way. 

Because it’s fun. It’s fun for the whole family – from babies to grandparents - it is a great social activity for all age groups. At JMSS we want to inspire your kids by providing a safe and positive environment for learning. Our teaching approach is always high energy with positive reinforcement.  Remind your kids how far they’ve come and celebrate their progress along the way. Swim lessons are a process, not an event. Remember to encourage your kiddos to keep coming to class, practicing and building on their skills, and to develop their own love of swimming.

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