ACAVA Newsletter 9 September 2020
Andrew Rickett, 'Vipunen' exhibition view, 2019, Platform

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In our previous newsletter we shared a black and white image of Notting Hill Carnival, and have since learnt that its author is the photographer Allan “Capitan” Thornhill. Read more about it in the context of a book about the festival here.

In this issue we have highlighted five useful resources for artists, recommendations of events happening online and details of a new exhibition by our colleague and artist Andrew Rickett.



[Image description: Photo of an art exhibition in a converted industrial space. Fixed to the ceiling are a large dark face printed on fabric and various tentacle-like cardboard ribs. Also in the space are a screen on the wall, a medium sized plant and a small wooden contraption. Room is illuminated by pink and green lights.]

Kneehigh Theatre, Photo by Steve Tanner

Arts Council England Grants

Arts Council England are reopening 'Developing Your Creative Practice Grant' this Autumn, a fund designed to support independent creative practitioners. Subscribe to their newsletter here to know when it reopens.

The National Lottery Project Grants are running until April 2021 to focus on the needs of smaller independent organisations and individual practitioners. Learn more about them here.

[Image description: Photo of a person in a large illuminated stage room holding a paper people chain.]

Screenshot from The White Pube's website

Successful Funding Application Library

The White Pube are collating a library of successful funding applications for others to reference when writing their own. To access the library or to contribute to it visit this page.

[Image description: Screenshot of the White Pube's website, displaying the Successful Funding Application Library page.]


Rates of pay guidelines for artists

Artists’ Union England have set up rates of pay guidelines designed to help artists and their employers determine fair remuneration for artists’ labour. Read more about it here.

Prize Honoree Edra Soto, Manual GRAFT, 2018

The Foundwork Artist Prize

The Foundwork Artist Prize offers $10,000 and studio visits with the prize jurors. This opportunity is running until 15 October and is free for Foundwork members, read more about it here.

[Image description: Photo of a large wall sculpture by Edra Soto, modeled on ornate fencing native to Puerto Rico. A person is standing on the left looking up at the sculpture which comprises an entire wall of the room they're standing in.]

Image courtesy of Andrew Rickett

ACAVA Recommends

Andrew Rickett, an artist and ACAVA's Property Manager, is presenting a new body of work in the exhibition 'Lyfe' at BAKIIBAK gallery in East Sussex. The show is open weekends until 27 September and departs from a contained biosphere of yeast and sludge to a mythological universe imagined by the artist. Read more about it here.

The Common Guild is hosting ‘In the open’, a series of audio works by Glasgow-based artists made for listening whilst walking in Glasgow’s parks, green spaces and specific walking routes. Listen here.

Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival is preparing a new online edition where artists’ and filmmakers’ work is expanded through conversation, new writing and podcasts, this Autumn. Read more about it here.

TRANSMISSIONS, an online programme established by Anne Duffau, Hana Noorali and Tai Shani is returning for a second season of weekly streamings of commissioned artists' work. Read more about it here.

The Stuart Hall Foundation and Southbank Centre are hosting ‘An Audience with Angela Davis’, an online event with world-famous author and activist on 17 September. Book your place here.

[Image description: Photo shows a green and hazy watery scene beneath the surface. A nebulous substance covers the ground and seems unstable.]

ACAVA Limehouse Studios. Photo by Tom Bird

Available Studios

We have studios available in London, Essex and Stoke-on-Trent. See what we have on offer here, and subscribe to receive listings regularly here.

[Image description: Photo of the inside of an artist's studio in a converted industrial space. A large window looks out into another building in the distance.]


ACAVA's office is temporarily closed.

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