ACAVA Newsletter 23 September 2020
Ricardo Cohen, Image by ActionSpace

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We are happy to announce that Barham Park Festival is happening in October and our artists at Barham Park Studios will be opening their studio doors.

We have also launched an opportunity for visual artists through our Young Artists Programme and have included, in this issue, six other opportunities for creatives.

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[Image description: Non figurative painting of a purple background with dashes of green and fuchsia. The words "BRENT" and "2020" have been stencilled in beige amongst other illegible words.]

ACAVA Barham Park Studios

Barham Park Art Festival

In collaboration with ActionSpace, ACAVA and Barham Park Library are pleased to announce Barham Park Art Festival, a celebration of local artists creating in the artistic hub of Barham Park. The festival is part of Brent 2020 and will feature exhibitions and open studios by local artists on 3 and 4 October, more information here.

[Image description: Photograph of Georgian Mock Tudor buildings surrounded by mature parkland.]

Detail of workshop by Camilla Brendon, 2020

Young Artists Programme Open Call

We are looking for proposals from visual artists with a socially-engaged art practice to run this year’s Young Artists Programme. To learn more about the programme and to apply visit this page on our website. This opportunity ends on 6 October.

[Image description: Photograph of a ceiling hanging art installation made from thin strips of colourful reused plastic.]

Leeds' Art Hostel's 'Stranger in Pink' room, by Precious Art Collective

East Street Arts Commissions

East Street Arts are inviting artists, designers and other creatives to submit proposals for their Art Hostel site in Leeds. This opportunity ends on 14 October, more information here.

[Image description: Photograph taken from above of a bed in a room. There are four pink pillows, a pink throw and a fabric sculpture of a human figure laying on their stomach on the side of the bed. The wallpaper is a pattern of large pink and white stripes.]

Frederick Weston, Body Map (Arms), 2017. Image by Apexart.

Apexart Open Call

Apexart is accepting proposals for exhibitions to integrate their 2021-22 season. Submit your proposal by 31 October, more information here.

[Image description: Two similar collages of a clenched arm and fist standing side by side on a white background, its likeness constructed from several cutouts of clocks and wristwatches, different for each arm.]


Creativity Works

Create Jobs is looking for young Londoners to take part in creative and digital employment courses to be delivered online. Applications accepted by 1 October, more information here.

[Image description: Photograph of a young person working on a laptop, superimposed by a layer of orange to blue gradient and a graphic in white reading "CREATIVITY WORKS".]


Support Hub by Arts & Health Hub

Arts & Health Hub is launching Support Hub, a pilot programme offering mental health support for artists with lived experience of mental health difficulties. Book your place by 16 October, more information here.

[Image description: Graphic of a logo in black upper caps reading "Arts & Health Hub", on a blue to yellow gradient stripe on white background.]



The Bluecoat and Castlefield Gallery have announced PIVOT, an 18 month development programme for mid-career artists living and working in North West England. Apply by 30 September, more information here.

[Image description: Graphic of the word "PIVOT" in large orange upper caps on pale blue background. Smaller black text reads the information above.]


Diversity in the Public Realm

The Mayor of London is looking for people to join a commission to create a shared understanding of the importance of different achievements and stories in the city’s public spaces. Apply by 4 October, visit this page for more information.


News from our artists in Essex

The exhibition 'Flowers, Fauna and Floral Delights' is on view at the window gallery at ACAVA Eastgate Studios in Harlow until 5 October. The artworks were created by ACAVA members and other local artists on the theme of flowers and wellbeing. More information here.

[Image description: Street view photograph of window gallery. Transparent stencil on glass window reads "Gatehouse Arts / Eastgate Gallery". In the gallery are a white plinth and standing wall with mounted colourful paintings in different styles, all featuring flowers.]

BlackFest co-founders Daniel Sebuyange and Jubeda Khatun. Image by BlackFest

ACAVA Recommends

BlackFest is a yearly grassroots Black Arts festival which platforms, empowers and develops work by Black artists. This year's programme is happening online and at social distancing events across Liverpool. The festival runs until 27 September, more information here.

Artist collective Diagram Research Group will conduct four illustrated discussions that explore their interests in diagrams in relation to Flat Time House and the archive and practice of John Latham. Outcomes will be available to view online, more information here.

Wysing Arts Centre has launched a new platform for in-progress research and new work from artists working within their 2020 programme. Visit Wysing Broadcasts here.

[Image description: Photograph of Daniel Sebuyange and Jubeda Khatun standing on stage speaking on microphones. Behind them a large projection display with the BlackFest logo.]


ACAVA's office is temporarily closed.

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