ACAVA Newsletter 24 February 2021
Onyeka Igwe, Specialised Technique, 2018, Film still

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In this issue we share relevant news in the creative sector, and a list of 13 useful links for artists and makers.

Our ACAVA Recommends section includes suggestions of good podcasts, screenings and other interesting events happening online.



[Image description: Grayscale still from film depicting person dancing barefoot, arms moving down almost reaching feet, outdoors. White text contours their figure reading "the shape you make with your arms?".]



ACAVA is joining the #ArtIsEssential campaign, set up by the Contemporary Visual Arts Network to highlight the importance of the arts and culture sector throughout 2021 and in the run-up to the Government Comprehensive Spending Review, and to demonstrate that #ArtIsEssential.

Find out more about the campaign here – we hope that you can join us.

[Image description: Graphic of a fuchsia rectangle with bright contrasting block text reading "ART IS... ESSENTIAL".]


Observing 2021

2021 was declared the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development, in a move to promote sustained and inclusive economic growth, foster innovation and provide opportunities, benefits and empowerment for all, and respect for all human rights. Read the news story on our website.

[Image description: Graphic of the "International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development / 2021" logo against a black background.]

Laura Jane Atkinson in her studio. Taken from Crafts Council's website

Crafts Council Brexit Support

Crafts Council are reaching out to makers for feedback on negative financial impacts caused by Brexit, in order to further lobby the House of Lords EU Goods Sub-Committee. Share issues you may have had by email, and check this page for general Brexit advice for craft businesses.

[Image description: Photograph of a person standing by a table with their work and looking at the camera in an artist's studio.]


Clinical Supervision for Artists

Arts & Health Hub have been awarded funding from Arts Council England to provide a programme of six online group supervision sessions for freelance artists working in the health and care sectors, where their work has a stressful and demanding emotional impact. Apply by 28 February, more information here.

Image of an algorave taken from the organiser's website, Photo by Marcin Sz

(Algo | Afro) Futures Call Out

(Algo | Afro) Futures is a mentoring programme for early career Black artists in the West Midlands who want to explore the creative potential of live coding. No prior experience in coding is required. Apply by 28 February, more information here.

[Image description: Photograph of a person standing in front of a projection screen and using a laptop during a live performance.]

Image taken from the Chisenhale Gallery's website

Emerging Curators Fellowship

Frieze and Deutsche Bank have launched a paid 18 month placement at Chisenhale Gallery for UK-based emerging curators who identify as Black, Asian and from other Ethnic Minority groups currently under-represented in the visual arts. This opportunity ends on 1 March, more information here.

[Image description: Photograph of a group of people standing outside Chisenhale Gallery.]

Rae-Yen Song, Song Dynasty II, Costume detail, Courtesy of the artist

Platform: 2021

Edinburgh Art Festival are seeking artists at the beginning of their careers to participate in Platform: 2021, the festival's annual exhibition. Apply by 1 March, more information here.

[Image description: Photograph of two flat caramel coloured satin figures bending backwards over a red velvet structure with their mouths open and a puzzled face.]

Image taken from the JPP's website

Jackson’s Painting Prize

Jackson’s Painting Prize is open for submissions by international creatives at all points in their careers. Submit your work by 2 March, more information here.

[Image description: Photograph of a painting exhibition in an art fair.]

Isobel Adderley, W E F E W, Previous commission film still

Moving Image Commission

Exeter Phoenix will be commissioning the development of new moving image work by artists based in the South West region. Apply by 5 March, more information here.

[Image description: Film still depicting a close up of a person's lips holding a shiny black pebble.]


Love Light Norwich Call Out

Norwich BID are looking for impressive and unique light art work to be exhibited at Love Light Norwich in 2022. Apply by 15 March, more information here.


17th Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival

Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival are looking for moving image works that disregard boundaries set by genre, form, convention and expectation. Apply by 26 March, more information here.

Artwork by Jônatas Moreira. Taken from Autograph's website

Autograph's Annual Open Call

Autograph are inviting proposals from creative practitioners and collectives for events to take place online using the organisation's digital platforms and support. Submit your idea by 29 March, more information here.

[Image description: Illustration in contrasting colours against a dark blue background of seven people standing at either side of a blooming vine, holding on to the green leaves and smelling the plant with their eyes closed.]

Keiken’s Feel(s) 360, Image Behaviour 2019, ICA. Imagery courtesy of The ICA

Image Behaviour Production Grants

The ICA and Dr. Martens will be awarding grants to seven UK-based emerging artists towards the production of new moving image work. Apply by 30 March, more information here.

[Image description: Photograph from a live performance of a person standing in front of a projection screen, possibly on stage, wearing a yellow tight latex costume and a bald cap. They have a single green light fixed below their chest, and a yellow light attached to their right hand-palm.]

Linda Watson, 17 Degrees South, 1997

Grizedale Residency

Forestry England and the Royal Society of Sculptors are seeking two sculptors for an intensive six week long residency at Grizedale Forest. Apply by 1 April, more information here. Entry fees apply.

[Image description: Photograph of a large stone ring standing upright and slightly tilted installed at Grizedale Forest.]

Image taken from TAPE's website

GOOD WICKEDRY Film Submissions

TAPE are seeking submissions of new or old film work to be featured in GOOD WICKEDRY, their carefully curated online cinema platform focused on BIPOC and female filmmakers. This in an ongoing callout, more information here.

[Image description: Photograph of two people standing in front of a projection screen, lit in red hues. The screen shows the image of a closeup of a person's face whilst laying down, holding two flowers in front of their eyes.]

Philippa Ndisi-Herrmann, New Moon, 2018, Film still. Taken from SLG's website

ACAVA Recommends

Tonight the South London Gallery are hosting an evening of film screenings that explore identity through spirituality and interconnectedness with the land, selected by New Contemporaries artist Zethu Maseko. 

Tomorrow Turner Prize winner Tai Shani will be leading a Surrealist Automatism workshop as part of Hospital Rooms new term. All mental health units, and people at home, can sign up and join for free.

Last few days to watch Specialised Technique, a film by artist/filmmaker Onyeka Igwe seeking to transform colonial footage into livingness, screening at Mascara Film Club until 3 March.

The National Centre for Creative Health will launch on 9 March with an online event reflecting on how the arts, culture and creativity can support people and organisations in the context of the pandemic and increasing health inequalities.

E-flux are hosting a series of screenings that examine the way artists have been responding to lack of trust in politics due to algorithmic targeting and fake news. Watch True Fake: Troubling the Real in Artists’ Films until 20 April.

Art and Stuff is new podcast from Art Fund uncovering the hidden stories behind some of the most fascinating objects in museum collections across the UK.

Crafts Council have compiled a list of seven tips for creating a good business plan.

[Image description: Grayscale film still of child crouching under a doorway, looking into a room with people sitting down and wearing hijabs.]

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