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-Ormus Modern Day Alchemy book-Annual Sale
Buy one Get one Free
Offer Expires Midnight, October 31
-Introducing Soft 'N Smooth Ormus total body lotion! 

-Introducing Discovery in Action Ormus Paste !!

-Chris Emmons podcast announcement 

Fall Equinox
Discovery in Action "Buried in the Ground" Ormus
Shipping mid-late November
Annual Sale, Ormus Modern Day Alchemy
Buy one, Get one FREE !
Offer Expires Midnight, Oct 31

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Meet the newest addition to the
Emmons Essential Essence
family of fine products...

     Individually Handcrafted in the private laboratory of Chris Emmons, Registered Pharmacist. Unmatched with the very finest ingredients available. Daily use keeps skin’s moisture levels balanced, supplies long-lasting moisturization, helps minimize the look of wrinkles, protects your skin from the elements as it smoothes & revitalizes.
Discovery in Action Ormus –“Buried in the Ground” is concentrated to a white creamy paste by means of air chambered vacuum pump.
NO heated electronics ever used. Never subjected to EMF.
Contains Pico-Size Original Restoration minerals from Ocean waters.  
Great addition to Personal Skincare products; Hair Care products; Body Lotion, Massage oil, Salt Scrubs; Hand-Made Soap recipes;
Add to your toothpaste on the toothbrush when brushing teeth
Usage level in skincare products: 1-50%.  Suspend in Oil, Gel, Creams or Emulsions.  Refrigerate, use within 6 months because your skincare product contains a preservative…it is diluted when adding another ingredients
Usage level in Hand-Made soap:  Follow soaping suggestions for adjuncts to soap recipes.
Store Ormus Paste at room temperature and in the foil pouch provided.
A full one ounce Ormus paste.  Note that Ormus has the unique property of changing weight under different conditions.   
Highly concentrated, low water content ORMUS paste.

Check out last week's 
podcast with Chris Emmons
Chris Emmons was the featured guest on TheHighersideChats podcast with Greg Carlwood. Find this podcast with the podcast finder app. This interview currently being edited will be available soon. Many aspects of Ormus discussed-Read Chris' cliff notes at
Ormus Academy Part Nine.
     It is safe,energetic and economical.  Each bottle has its beginning under a full moon phase or equinox according to the ancient alchemists method and never made any other time.  The initial water is taken from a country well, and laboratory double distilled. This water is smooth, creamy and pleasing to the palate. So is the Ormus.
     The source material is one of the best that David Hudson mentioned in his talks. It is Great Salt Lake concentrated and it is available from the web site. All ingredients come from the Ormus Discovery Do It Yourself Kit offered by Chris and available exclusively at  Discovery In Action Ormus is packaged in a food grade  HDPE container,  informatively labeled and inside an EMF shielded container.
     Profit has been stripped away and batches sell out quickly-never to be offered again.  Pennies a day! Undiluted 4 oz bottle yields 48 1/2 teaspoon doses! Over a 30 day supply! Just safe, energetic, concentrated and powerful Ormus made to exacting standards. Certified to be safe, 100% organic, pure, and free of contaminants. Contains: Pure laboratory processed structured distilled water, Great Salt Lake Concentrate and Ormus Pico Minerals.  4oz.  See enclosure for use guidelines.
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