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We are proud to introduce: 

Discovery Ormus-

Orgone Energy

Power Module

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This device is an Orgone field generator.  It is made and offered to showcase another useful way to employ your Ormus. I have found Orgone field generators to be effective and have time and desire to create them.   -Chris Emmons

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Made in accordance with the Best Orgone field generator practices including a 12-layer process.
Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Karl Welz, Don/Carol Croft-Based Scalar Energy Field Generator AKA Orgonite.
  • Powerful Healing Meditation Tool
  • Hand Crafted by Chris Emmons
  • Strict Orgone Field Generator Standards
  • Exclusive 13 Step Process
  • Avoid Fakes-Insist on the Discovery Ormus                                Orgone Energy Power Module
Well-designed, the Power Module is rare and unlike most others.  One Key to its strength is 12 layers of proper and beneficial material. Hand-crafted no two finished pieces look identical and will come to you with its own uniqueness and the best of intention.
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Quantities limited.       
–Chris Emmons
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Registered Pharmacist, 

Author, Ormus Modern Day Alchemy
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