QUESTION RECEIVED: A member of FB: Ormus-A Page for Beginners,  has asked if the group is into scalar science.

RESPONSE:  Hi and once again a question is asked that has no easy and quick answer.   The simple answer would be "No!  Ormus investigators are not generally into Scalar Science in any form."   
But that would be a cop-out as many do measure and test their products to some degree.   

The following, compiled by Chris Emmons R. Ph with usage notes from significant Ormus contributors since 1993 delves into Scalar research, Vector research, such research on Ormus and discussion of Tesla’s Scalar Waves.

Let’s begin: 

The problem in credible Scalar and Vector research is that we cannot apply conceptions that it raises due to lack of advanced technology to perform the needed science.  

Definition of Scalar Science and Vector Science
1)Scalars are quantities that are fully described by a magnitude, an amount or a degree, (or numerical value) only.  Scalars are described by just a single number. Some examples of scalar quantities include speed, volume, mass, temperature, power, energy, and time.  In short, scalar science is precision measurement of data. IE weights, amounts, or non directional effects (no movement).  In Ormus this would amount to documenting exact input of materials and again exact, (precision measurement) of results.  

2)Vectors are quantities that are fully described by both a magnitude  (a numerical value) and a direction.

An abbreviated description would define scalar as static with no movement while vector science would be science related to movement.   As an example, this could be like measuring horse power of a gas engine on a test stand. = Scalar science.   Put the engine in a vehicle and accelerate it in a measured distance such as a quarter mile = Vector science.  

Example of Scalar and Vector measurement

Since the time Barry Carter was around, both subluminal and superluminal frequency/energy potentials have been considered to be contained in Ormus substances.  Luminal relates to light: Subluminal frequencies are slower than or at light speed while superluminal frequencies are above the speed of light and some use the term super-light.

Most Ormus substances are visible.  Anything visibly seen naturally radiates subluminal (slower than or at light speed) energies.  
David Hudson noted that his refined samples when heated under the microscope vanished from sight and all weight was negated.   IE: with heat, the sample went to superluminal.  Once the samples cooled their weight and visibility returned.  
Note what this statement made in Old readings say;  The substance can be heavy or offset by the weight of a feather.    
David Hudson verified the Old writings with modern equipment –and spent a few million dollars in the process.

The Old ones also noted that it was Folly to put a substance over the hem (distiller equipment) more than three times as the resulting condensate will be unstable and vanish in sunlight.   D. Hudson experiments resulted in this but I do not feel he understood the concept conveyed by the Old ones.

These would use a still, called a Blain Marie, to separate and refine substances, what we would call Ormus substances, from herbs and such.  The higher energy (Ormus) substances evaporate and rise up over the hem of the still only to cool back down and condense into visible form on the collection side.    But they would not put the substance over the hem more than three times.  

Ormus substances, as noted by Barry and others, are transitional in character.   When cool they are Subluminal in nature.   When heated they have been shown to be Superluminal in nature and simply vanish from sight.   That does not mean they are gone.   Eventually most will cool and reappear.  It is for this reason we suggest making Ormus yourself from Ormus rich substances.  Superluminal frequency that is released can join to the person doing the work.  

The point here is that much of what we call Ormus should be considered Superluminal.  While it may benefit us we will never see or measure it.   A significant amount will remain Subluminal (visible) for us to harvest and use for our desired benefit.   The heat of our bodies will most likely convert much of the Subluminal Ormus we consume into Superluminal form and provide energy for our life supporting internal engines.  Much of the energy we humans radiate is beyond the visible range and would be considered Superluminal.  For example, Kirlean Photography shows only some of the energy we produce.

The study of superluminals (above the speed of light zero point scalar waves) places frequencies and energy potentials at the threshold and beyond our current technology’s ability to observe and measure.   While the concepts of Scalar and Vector still apply, as they are universal, we have no way to see into or measure those energies due to lack of advanced technology to perform the needed science.  Hence in practicality the concepts cannot be applied.  

The same is true for Ormus collectors who do some subatomic Scalar and Vector research on Ormus.
Conventional Waves/Unconventional Zero point scalar waves
All conventional waveforms are in a way electromagnetic (they vibrate the universal subatomic fluids) but for practical purposes I choose to define waves in band widths that we react to such as pressure, heat, sound, light, and of course magnetics that work our motors and are used for all forms of wireless communications.
It is important to realize that all frequencies have a source, relative energy strength, and will decay at a rate that is the inverse square of the distance from the source.   This is a universal fact and does not change at macro or micro scales.   It is absolute science fact.   
That Tesla could not measure the decay of a high frequency scalar wave passing through our Earth does not mean it did not decay.  All waves decay with distance as just stated.   Without going into much about zero energy, Ormus researchers have explained that all frequencies that power the infinite universe are generated by spontaneous tetrahedral oscillator structures in the micro realms.  They have videoed "Spontaneous Oscillation within an Ormus liquid".  Oscillators are used in electronics to power our communications.  Natural oscillators are used such as quartz as well as human designed forms.  We then impress (modulate) data on a dedicated frequency to perform desired results in communication.
Even our voice communications such as talking, is a form of frequency amplitude and modulation processes.  And our ears are designed to hear frequencies from about 20 Hz up to about 16,000 Hz.  This then is the bandwidth of “sound” in human.  And guess what, a coil of wire can detect this vibration of the universal fluid and the air around us and generate a small electric signal that is then amplified so we can broad cast or do public speaking with much louder energy.
All conventional frequencies are in a way electrometric in nature as they vibrate the universal fluid permeating all that is.
This subject may be far too advanced in some ways for those interested in Ormus as many will question the science and it also may call into question their concepts of religion.  Therefore, in reality, this is most likely not a good subject for the average Ormus aficionado or seeker.
That being said, Ormus researchers do have evidence of what powers the universe in their video of Spontaneous Oscillation within an Ormus liquid.  In traditional science Zero energy does not exist.  Technically, Zero point is defined as the point in temperature (immense cold) where no particles can be observed to be moving.  It is related to temperature.   However, many lay scientists have apparently applied this term to a point or points in space and time where no substances exist: IE: a point of zero substance and zero energy. = Nothingness!
I have read much of Tesla and have not read anything like a point of nothingness in the infinite.  The concept of Zero Point energy was introduced near the end of Tesla's life and much of this later work was dismissed by organized scientists at the time.  However Tesla did father the birth of AC power for the modern world and Marconi working at the time of Tesla fathered wireless communications.

(In the Quantum theory of the electromagnetic theory, Zero point scalar waves are unconventional waves that are longitudinal while conventional electromagnetic waves are transverse.    Although both wave types are sinusoidal, transverse waves are seismic S waves that oscillate, for example light, perpendicularly to the direction of propagation, while longitudinal are seismic P waves, that oscillate parallel to the direction of propagation.  P-waves are thought of as pressure or push waves since the particles move parallel to the wave via compressions which push it.  Tesla called these non-Hertzian energy waves (without frequencies) Scalar. Being longitudinal push waves, zero point scalar waves are penetrating, connected, can broadcast magnified power and are superluminal.)

The frequencies and size of the particles we are discussing here are soooooo small that they pass through our bodies like air through chicken wire.   Most have little to no effect however given time the impacts that do occur accumulate and have a collective effect.  This is the subtle effect and why Ormus is called subtle energy.  The larger substances are responsible for gravity, magnetism and electrical effects that are useful to us in our dimension.

Low pressure areas do exist everywhere.  Just as a low pressure zone around your home will result in a breeze coming in to equalize the pressure.   In subatomic realms low pressure areas result in plasma flows causing ripples (frequencies) as the lows are neutralized.  This effect is universal in all dimensions.  
As you now understand there is the Quantum theory of the electromagnetic theory of Zero point scalar waves and what we are addressing in the question asked: vector and scalar science.  These two sciences are generally beyond the scope of current studies and development of Ormus products.

Scalar and Vector research on Ormus
Scalar Science on Ormus: Ormus collectors’ often record observations seen which are categorized as scalar science: quantities that are fully described by a magnitude (or numerical value) only.  Scalar analysis is described by just a single number. Some examples of scalar quantities include speed, volume, mass, temperature, power, energy, and time.  While the observations are not described with precision (ie: tightly measured exact detail) the records of these lay scientists do point towards scalar analysis.

Scalar science is static.  Observations include:   measuring amounts, weight and mass, of precipitate from various sources documenting the results.  Another example is keeping rinse water, allowing it to sit for a week, doing a drop then measuring how much, if any, more Ormus formed. 

Vector Science on Ormus: Ormus collectors’ often record observations seen which are categorized as vector science: quantities that are fully described by both a magnitude (a numerical value) and a direction.  While the observations are not described with precision (ie: tightly measured exact detail) the records of these lay scientists do point towards vector analysis.

Vector science is directional.  Observations and records include: Measuring, weighing and distancing from point A to point B, for example how far does the Ormus move away from a magnet and how far does the dried out Ormus move away from a magnet.  Vector science has also been performed when Ormus researchers used video to capture the Ormus substances in motion.  

In Ormus, the amounts in the bottom of a vial would be measured as scalar science while levitating Ormus substances would be Vector science.   Barry Carter's movement of Ormus away from his metal electric stove would be Vector Science but it was not precisely documented as in millimeters per week in a specific direction per kilogram of material vs cubic mass of the material and the motivating force of the stove. 

Technically, unless you are weighing & measuring you are not doing vector or scalar science.  If you are using measuring beakers & going by weight using scales or rulers to measure directional movement, then yes you are doing some vector or scalar science. 

Another observation which may fall under a vector or scalar science, depending on the result, includes Ormus activity in the presence of heat & sunshine.

The work should include pictures and filming up close up of the beakers and or glass containers or area where directional movement occurred.  Film and take pictures of the Ormus is in a three sided box with black paper to prevent glare to actually see what occurred in the wet and or dry Ormus.   

The observations and records of Ormus lay scientists does fall under scalar and vector science and so yes, in answer to your question; to some degree both scalar, and vector, science has been done on Ormus.  However in exact scalar and vector science, precise details are required.  Consequently merely noting that a bit more or less Ormus formed from a particular process would not be considered exact Scalar Science just as noting that Ormus levitated would not be considered exact Vector Science.

A final point that bears mentioning is that in exact science, it is best, when applicable, to perform the work on both the dried state of Ormus as well as the drop out/wet state.

Applying credible Scalar Science in any form to Ormus research would require significant funding in sophisticated cutting edge equipment ala subatomic physics research.   The existence of what we call Ormus has been known for thousands of years, yet mankind seems to be at the beginning of understanding of these wonderful substances.  
I submit that most who are extracting Ormus at this point in time are generally either not qualified to perform credible Scalar Science or do not have access to the equipment needed to perform in-depth qualitative research.    Further, this would require multiple teams working independently to corroborate and validate results.
Perhaps the study of Ormus related topics will continue to grow and eventually such research will begin.
Ormus researchers have worked for over three decades with moderately good hobby type equipment and only scratched the surface.            -Chris

Discussion of Tesla’s Scalar Waves
Tesla seemed to relate that scalar energy just exists and as far as I know he never attempted to determine their source.   "They come from zero point energy!" is the prevalent explanation.   For the record, a wave is not something that physically moves in of itself.

Every naturally occurring frequency in the universe has a subatomic source: a beginning point.  The source is an extreme low pressure point and is often referred to as a zero point.  This low pressure will result in oscillation as small particles forced into it by gravity will repeatedly and at regular intervals implode into this low pressure where the particles are consumed releasing their internal energy. The low pressure zone is formed by larger particle structures that leave openings.  The energy released by this oscillation generates a specific frequency waveform that will propagate outward from the low pressure oscillator.

The question of where the energy is drawn from to sustain such a flow of scalar energy was addressed in the government document (link below). It suggests; “the possibility of drawing energy from the vacuum, assuming net energy could be drawn from “free space”. Quantum mechanics allows random energy in free space but conventional electromagnetic (sic: science) has not allowed this to date.”

Are scalar waves really scalar (static)?
Supposedly scalar waves have no mass and move faster than light. Hmmmm.    A wave is the resulting movement (a direction) of liquid subatomic mass at a specific frequency as energized from some source point.  Toss a stone in a still pond.   The kinetic energy and mass of the stone starts a wave that will propagate from the point of impact outward in all directions and may reach the edges of the pond and may even reflect back.  

It is important to understand that the water the stone displaced when it hit the surface is not the water moving within the wave that moves until it hits the distance beach.  One molecule of water energizes the one next to it and so on as the wave builds on the surface.  What is called scalar waves are no different!  Source, energy, and direction all have a part in waves of any sort.  So a key question to really ask is: are these waves really scalar (static) or vector (directional)?
For us to measure any frequency or sort of energy, the substance or phenomenon must have mass and acceleration (in a direction or omni direction).   Otherwise the subject under test would not record on our most sensitive instruments.   Mass times acceleration is kinetic energy and will record on our instruments.   Picture a Mac Truck moving at 100 miles per hour down a highway.  The loaded truck weighs 75,000 pounds and is moving at 100 miles per hour. This is 147 feet per second.  75,000 lb mass X Speed of 147 ft per second is 11,025,000 pounds of kinetic energy per second.  If the driver puts on the brakes this truck is not going to stop for a nearby red light hidden in road side trees.

In the world of superluminal particles (above the speed of light) the source (a subatomic spontaneous oscillator) is accelerating subatomic particles to move faster than larger particles, which we can see as light, can move.  These ultra small particles are as the truck above.  They have a small mass but are moving at speeds we cannot even measure.   Thus they build significant kinetic energy and many frequencies will impact and measure on our most sensitive equipment.  But many will not!  

These particles move similar to water in hose.   Put water in one end and water comes out the far end.  But the water just entering is not the water flowing from the far end of the hose.  This is how a wave is propagated in space or anywhere.   Make a water hose long enough and it is all but impossible to get water out the other end.  This is true of wave form propagation delay and decay.  Cell phones need repeat towers to provide coverage in all areas of the country.   The farther you are from a tower the less signal strength your device will measure and display.  Light waves take up to about 8 minutes to propagate from our Sun to reach our Earth.
Contrary to Tesla, that these waves just exist, it is necessary for such scalar waves to have a source (in this case a zero point of origin - a spontaneous oscillator) and energized substances moving as a response to such source. The substances will propagate a wave signal that grows from the point of origin outward in a single or potentially Omni direction.  Thus such a wave is not static (scalar). The wave (all waves) has a point of origin source, energy, and direction.  Thus they are not static energy and cannot be described as scalar.  All waves are vectors, even if Omni-directional, and will eventually decay to zero energy.  The decay is and will always be inversely proportional to the distance from the source.  Higher frequencies such as, superluminal, will be well beyond what we call the electromagnetic band width.  Well beyond the light wave band widths and most are well beyond the ability of our best instruments to even detect.  But for the record the universe is filled with, and powered by these superluminal spontaneously zero point of origin frequencies.

Ormus researchers have videoed Spontaneous Oscillation within an Ormus liquid –a zero point of origin for a frequency and a wave. 
Tesla simply did not have instruments sensitive enough to measure the energy loss of the waves he was measuring from one side of our Earth to the other.  Nor did he have, or do we currently have, instruments that can pinpoint the exact location in space of individual superluminal waves that penetrate our very beings.

I hope this information assists.  Your question falls under a miscellaneous subset to other information more useful to seekers about Ormus and therefore I am unclear if a learning module on this topic would benefit or distract the average Ormus seeker.  Consequently, a question is,  should the topic be included in the Ormus Academy housed at Please Contact me to share your thoughts on this.  Thank you. 

 –Chris Emmon, pharmacist, author Ormus Modern Day Alchemy, coordinator Ormus Academy, moderator Face Book: Ormus-A Page for Beginners
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