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1) New Ormus Products-Just for you! The Discover Ormus sampler, Total Body Lotion, Toothpaste, and Ormus Fed Strawberry Jam, Pickled Asparagus, Pickled Beets !!!!

2) Chris Emmons writes about Living Today!

      For the time or your life...............

Professor Stromgrave's patent celestial chronometer,
mapping the forces that govern the passing of eternity.  
(Available on the internet.)

New Ormus Just For You ! 
Discover Ormus Freedom Package
Take 5

Celebrating the end of the lockdown and a prayer for peace
-Take 5 and get away with the Discover Ormus Freedom Package-
For that perfect long weekend escape !  
  • Chris's all new Soft N' Smooth total body lotion-
  • Brite N' Shiny Ormus toothpaste-
  • Fresh N' Clean Ormus soap-
  • Famous and Powerful Discovery in Action Ormus-
  • Flagship Face~ics ! 
Save $$ Just $99.00-All 5 Limited Time Offer
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Soft N' Smooth Ormus Total Body Lotion
as show above (left) or available individually by clicking here on eBay

Total Body Lotion is Individually Handcrafted in the private laboratory of 
Chris Emmons, Registered Pharmacist
  • Unmatched with the very finest ingredients available
  • Enhanced and energized with pico sea minerals
  • Paraben and formaldehyde-free !
ORMUS Sea Mineral Extract, Frankincense and Lavender infused in nutrient-filled moisturizing lotion enriched with the best fine light oils: Grape Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Absorption through skin supports this outer membrane, your physical body and your Light Body.

Daily use keeps skin’s moisture levels balanced, supplies long-lasting moisturization, helps minimize the look of wrinkles, protects your skin from the elements as it smoothes & revitalizes.

To Use most effectively, absorbing and locking in moisture, apply a grape-sized dollop, rub between your palms to warm it up, use both hands to massage lotion into skin preferably moist skin, towel-dried not more than five minutes after bathing. For maximum benefit let lotion sink in for about 5 minutes before dressing or getting into bed; give the lotion time to sink in before doing anything that can disturb the hydrating seal the lotion creates on the upper layers of the skin.

Extra Special ingredients in Soft N' Smooth Ormus lotion designed to impress the most discriminating skin:
  • Frankincense and Lavender fragrance offer comfort. Mind, body and soul relax while their grounding and centering traits help in overcoming stress; even improving one’s spiritual connection.
  • Sea Mineral Extracts are concentrated Ormus; a Quantum Nutrition providing minerals from the sea and the energy associated with them.
  • Grape Seed Oil, light weight, fast absorbing. High in Omega-6 fatty acids and good source of antioxidant vitamin E, all which help keep cell membranes healthy. Long associated with the healing Ormus mineral ions Rhodium and Iridium.
  • Sweet Almond Oil, light weight, fast absorbing, rich in vitamins D and E, also vitamin A, essential fatty acids, potassium, and zinc.
  • Hemp Seed Oil, from seeds of Cannabis Sativa, rich in beneficial omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil, feather-light, fast absorbing with hydrating properties that do not leave skin feeling oily.
Allergen Information: Partially produced with Sweet Almond Oil

Caution: keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Stop use if irritation develops. Use within one year.

Soft N Smooth Ormus Total Body Lotion created by EmmonsEssentialEssence, Chris Emmons, Registered Pharmacist and Author, Ormus Modern Day Alchemy. 
Brite N' Shiny Ormus Toothpaste
Included in the Discover Ormus Freedom Package 


Ormus Gourmet Treats

Strawberry Jam                  Pickled Asparagus             Pickled Beets
Country fresh, hand crafted. All grown with Discovery in Action Ormus and 
Great Salt Lake Concentrate (aka Ace) in the N Florida gardens of Chris Emmons. 
Time to Live
Professor Stromgrave's patent celestial chronometer,
mapping the forces that govern the passing of eternity.  
(Available on the internet.)

Have you already lived today?
An 85-year-old man who knew he would die soon said:
If I had to live again, I would make more
mistakes; I would try not to be so terribly
perfect; then I would
relax more and take a lot less seriously;
then I would be more exuberant and crazier;
I wouldn't worry so much about my
reputation; then I would travel more,
climb more mountains, swim more rivers and
watch more sunsets;
then I would eat more ice cream,
then I would have more real difficulties
than just imaginary, I would
go barefoot earlier in the spring and later in the fall,
- then I would smell more flowers, hug more children and tell more people that I love them. If I had to live again, but I don't have it ...

Learn the Key Reason for Ormus at Ormus Academy housed at
About Ormus:  
From Ormus Academy “Part One; Ormus, Its History, Its Effect” at :

"Ormus is a group of essential nutrients, minerals, which have been depleted from our diets through environmental degradation, modern agricultural techniques, and contemporary dietary practices. It supports health, healing and enhances a sense of well being." 

Trace Mineral deficiency is a big problem all over the world that affects your quality of life.  After Ormus, far-reaching change can be seen in our health and also in thoughts. 

"High quality minerals induce mental clarity and increases in cognitive functions. This cannot be debated, especially by those who do not ingest high quality minerals!"  

” Only those who do not search are safe from error”   -Albert Einstein

Ormus: What does it Do for Me
Ormus appears to assist either as the easy to absorb form of mineral nutrition that supports the body   -or another state of the minerals -and the energy it embodies.

Ormus fuels physical, mental, emotional and spiritual processes.

It supports health, promotes brain coherence, mental clarity and increased level of awareness -which is linked to consciousness and falls in the realm of Spirit. 

Harness the Vigor, Vibrancy, Stamina, and Tolerance towards Life Stressors: 

Go, Do, Explore, Experience !!!

(Get a hold of Discovery in Action Ormus-Buried in the Ground.  Made from a highly favored source and Only during energetic times of the month.)

Collect Ormus Yourself 
You can purchase Ormus or learn to collect it for yourself [my suggestion].  The book “Ormus Modern Day Alchemy” provides significant important Ormus information and details thirteen processes of Ormus collection, both traditional time tested and more current proven methods. The book was written to both introduce new persons to Ormus and to serve as a reference for those more advanced. Any person with general interest in Ormus will benefit by having it on the bookshelf. 

Each step of two different Ormus collection processes are shown in You Tubes at the Faceics channel [titled “Basics” and “Discovery”].  You Can Do It!  

Make Ormus Yourself with Do it Yourself kits:
Ormus Discovery DIY Wet Process Kit
Basics-Live Oil Do-It-Yourself Kit

If you already make Ormus, use this Premium Source Material:
Great Salt Lake Concentrate

All the Best from
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