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"Discovery in Action Ormus" contains minerals harvested from seawater!!! 

Minerals from seawater are important micronutrients. 

These bolster your immune system, assist in healing wounds, converting food into energy, repairing cellular damage and even help block damage to body cells.  They form parts of key enzymes or enhance the activity of enzymes that are used by the body every day.

Minerals outstandingly carry along with themselves a unique and beneficial energy that assists in forming and maintaining ourselves -and everything seen in this world.

Lack of these micronutrients can cause substantial harm while getting sufficient quantities can provide a substantial benefit.

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Sea water could become the next super supplement 

Seawater could become the next super supplement, scientists believe Credit: Russell Brown /Alamy Stock Photo 

-By Sarah Knapton, Science Editor, in Helsinki 

2 November 2019 • 5:00pm 

Seawater could become the next super supplement, scientists believe, after finding it contains dozens of minerals and trace elements that boost the body’s repair mechanisms.

In 1897, the french physiologist Rene Quinton proposed that seawater could be used as a treatment for everything from digestive problems to asthma, after discovering that it has a similar composition to blood plasma. 

But the idea was largely forgotten until recently when the University of Alicante in Spain showed it can activate the immune system, strengthening the body against viruses, bacteria and seasonal pathogens.
Seawater contains minerals with known antioxidant and immune-boosting properties including selenium, silicon and zinc. Sodium and chloride in the salt are also essential for the correct functioning of cells. 

Now Laboratoires Quintin in Spain has started producing filtered seawater shots which are already being used by athletes including Raphael Nadal, the current men’s tennis singles number two, for rehydration, muscle recovery and to avoid cramps.

Speaking at the Biohacker Summit in Helsinki, biologist Guillermo Gosalbez of Laboratoires Quintin said: “Seawater from a nutritional point of view is one of the most rich and complex substances. People think it’s just water and salt but this is untrue.

“Of course we can find sodium and chloride, but there is also magnesium and important minor trace elements like copper, manganese, cobalt, and zinc. 

“The cells that make up the bodies exist in an internal sea. It is more dilute than seawater today, and more closely resembles the primordial oceans in which we evolved.”
The seawater is sourced from areas off the Spanish coast which are rich in plankton blooms. The tiny organisms transform inorganic minerals in the water into forms that the body can absorb, along with amino acids, nucleic acids, antioxidants, polysaccharides and unsaturated fatty acids.

Speaking about the benefits for athletes, Mr Gosalbez added: “We can avoid electrolyte imbalances, prevent cramps and reduce the levels of lactate in blood. 
“And we can delay the appearance of fatigue in people that do sport.”

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