Announcement:  SUPER Full Moon

next Wednesday July 13, 2022

A Great time to collect Ormus !!
About SUPER Full Moons
There are two SUPER Full Moons during 2022.  One is next Wednesday: July 13, 2022.  During this lunar event the moon is its closest to Earth.  It is 14% closer than when furthest away.  

A SUPER Full Moon results in more Ormus m state at Earth’s surface.  Because Moon is closer to Earth, this position should also produce slightly increased yields when collecting Ormus.   All SUPER moons result in higher ocean tides.  

The moon’s elliptical path around Earth causes continually changing lunar distance.

On July 13, 2022 the SUPER Full Moon moon will be 357,264 km (221,993 mi) from Earth.

More information on “Effect of Moon Phase When Extracting Ormus” is in Ormus Academy Part Twelve.

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