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1) Spring Equinox Discovery in Action Ormus now available for pre-order
2) Contributors Corner-Nick Bonsavage discusses the Orgone Ormus Power Module
3) Super charge your Ormus! New Discovery!!

Spring Equinox,

March 20

A great time to make powerful Ormus !

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Discovery in Action, "Buried in the Ground" Spring Equinox is our most popular Ormus. It is only made once a year.  Some say it is our most powerful, many request it and order every year. Collecting on March 20, buried in the ground for a lunar month, and returned to the laboratory for further processing. Shipping early May. 

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About Discovery in Action Ormus 
Discovery in Action Ormus is made  in the laboratory of Chris Emmons. The source material is the pure and powerful Great Salt Lake Concentrated, as recommended by David Hudson in his early talks. It is not watered down and there are no harmful impurities. Made with structured distilled water and laminar crystal charged.  Not salty and no foul after-taste. It is made under the highest sanitary laboratory standards. It is only made under the full moon or during the Equinox and offered for a limited time. 
Buried in the Ground Each month's collection is buried in the ground with Orgone generators, under an isosceles pyramid, to gather the energy of the earth. It remains buried for about 29 1/2 days before returning to the lab for final processing. This the most powerful Ormus made anywhere.
Intention Emmons Essential Essence mission is to help the world discover this wonderful substance. It is made by Chris Emmons, master alchemist, registered pharmacist and author, Ormus Modern Day Alchemy and her partner Ralph Kinsley. The power of a loving couple goes into every batch. 
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Nick Bonsavage talks about his
Discovery Orgone Ormus Power Module

"When I first picked up the box the power module arrived in, I immediately could feel a coolness emanating from the box that gave me chills and made me feel awake and energized. After I opened it up I could not stop feeling so good. I could feel an energy in my body every muscle and fiber is like relaxing and releasing, and it's an invigorating energy. I have seen and felt many orgone devices in my time, even having made multiple for myself when I need a concentrated environment of orgone, but I have never felt anything so fresh, natural, almost comforting and down to earth. Because of the specific materials used in a specific sequence, it provides an energy that is more resonant, and in harmony with life, with mankind, than anything else I've ever felt. I have ordered a second one and they are my go to devices to charge just about anything, including Ormus."

Limited small batch bench made/hand crafted production
Watch the fireworks! Click for 5 sec video! 
Article by Chris Emmons
DID YOU KNOW???...You can super charge your Ormus!   
Place the Power Module close to your Ormus supply! 

This Discovery Power Module is a device called an
Orgone Field Generator, A.K.A. Orgonite.  

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Orgone field generators can be described as transmitters of Universal energy, also known as Source Energy.  This energy comes from Aether; the energy of the universe.  Dr. Reich called positive Orgone Bio-Energy (POR) the Force behind all creation. 

Lately, folks are mentioning that charging effects occur when Ormus is placed next to Orgone Field Generators.  The Ormus is so fine it resists settling; The appearance semitranslucent; The color like radiant moonlight; The taste smooth.  Sometimes this Ormus is so translucent that when a dose is added to a glass of water there becomes no visual hint of its presence. 

                                       Do not miss this!

Above:  The Power module was placed in proximity to “Discovery in Action Ormus-Buried in the Ground” for 2 months +. The charged Ormus displays as super-fine particles with semi-translucent appearance that resist settling to the bottom of the container.  

Thank you for considering the Discovery Ormus-Orgone Energy Power Module.   Click to Learn More 
-Chris  Emmons
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