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Ormus contains MINERALS you can use
                                                      -Chris Emmons

-Minerals in the body
Minerals are crucial for making enzymes and hormones.  Hormones control body functions, Enzymes speed up the rate of virtually all chemical reactions that take place within cells. Minerals, Vital for your body to maintain health, keep bones, muscles, heart and brain working properly.

-Why take a Mineral Supplement
Because processing of foods to create convenient packaged items affected its mineral content.  Overuse of soil in which food is grown have greatly reduced its mineral concentration

-Why the Ormus form of Minerals
Firstly, minerals in Ormus are in a structure that is very easy to absorb.  They are also very small:  nano-sized or smaller, and therefore in a position to hold more Energy.   The ancients called this vigor the “Spirit of the Mineral.  Working in cooperation, Minerals and their Spirit have shown great benefit.  Benefits of Ormus

  • “My lifelong dyslexia disappeared! I have been using it for about 13 years and have no medical problems.. Manifesting has become an everyday thing. Love my ORMUS.”    –U.K.
  • “My dyslexia has vanished to, I broke my leg and had to wear a cast ever since then my brain held onto the injury, If I backed up and touched my leg to something I would almost fall down, But the Ormus took that away also, love my Ormus.”    –J.J.
  • “Cured my husband's seborrhea. (scalp), immediately healed a burn that normally would have turned into a blister, healed a boil (three days of constant application) , and opened up Pandora’s box in regard to my own Shadow work! 
-about his seborrhea; he said it was a dry kind as if wearing a helmet. For five years or more. He used Ormus after washing his hair; poured it on his head and rubbed in. after three days, the sensation changed. A couple more days and it was gone. He maintains by using once per month. No flare ups. He takes Ormus internally daily as well.

The burn was experienced exactly the way it has before by grabbing a hot cookie sheet from the oven. haha. It felt the same as it always had. TO be honest, I submerged it in Aloe Vera first (as we were still new to Ormus) and then after talking to my husband, he said to use Ormus. So I soaked it in Ormus for about 20 minutes. It never created any blister. I covered it after with a band aid for protection and when I took it off, it was as if nothing had happened!
The boil  I tend to have these come up periodically that flare up at certain times. And they tend to generally form others in the same region. It filled up and was that way for two weeks already. They tend to stay for a month or more.  I sprayed the Ormus on several times per day and let dry each time. It dissipated in size, not coming to a head. 

Regarding Shadow work; it has to do with diving deep into the psyche and finding those rejected parts that we aren't aware of. I have been taking Ormus internally off and on since last September or so. I paused in taking Ormus when the shadow aspects were coming up too fast.  ”     -K.H.
  • “I just started taking about 1 week ago. The 1st 2 days it made me sleepy!!, especially 2nd day I pretty much laid into couch & quickly searched group & realizing my body REALLY needed rest (I have RA & had been getting little to no sleep w little one) 3rd day I decided to take before bed & listened to an ASMR Reiki Activation (& also realized no longer made me as sleepy lol)
  • I've now been taking 1st thing in morning on completely empty stomach & feeling more rested (even w little one waking me at night still) 
  • Today is day 6 & feel ready (almost guided) to take 2nd dose this afternoon. Self Care Sunday & really sink in to its healing affects & rest to prepare for work week tomorrow. I am excited for this journey physically & spiritually.”    -A.G.
          Contributors Corner welcomes Sharon Rose Ingersoll

Sharon Rose Ingersoll

Sharon Rose Ingersoll; a 20 year Ormus enthusiast who is also a sensitive, clairvoyant, mystic with a strong bent to order, business and structure writes: “I'm looking forward to sharing some of the high points of my journey and hope these help spark your guiding light.”

For those who don't think they know Ormus, you probably do but call it by another name. The more common term I feel best describes Ormus is 'life force', but you get even closer if Life Force is also synonymous with Consciousness. These 2 terms combined come close to describing what I've come to know as Ormus, but there is still something missing - and that something is the experience of Ormus.

Knowing of the multidimensional nature of reality, theoretical physicists have postulated that consciousness is a dimension. I view Ormus as a window if not an escalator to that dimension. When I was diagnosed with cancer a friend said "I know what you are going through", and that's because she went through it a few years prior. Until we have experienced something, we don't really know something. However, Ormus gives us the ability to bring consciousness to the fore, even without having to physically experience or enact something.

Experiencing Ormus in any form is life altering, but it can also be like putting a child in the driver's seat. What do we do with all this energy? We need to direct it. We need to utilize it in ways that can assist our personal evolution and destiny. We need to gain fortitude and awareness, while we heal and empower. Many who are more egocentric than I am believe they can use their mind and sheer will of character to accomplish these goals, but I believe the mind is also self serving and cannot monitor its own bias. This is, in part, why I believe a marriage of nature and Ormus is a more grounding and rewarding combination. It cuts out the agenda of the mind and personality, and rewards our inner senses while revitalizing our bodies.

Twenty years ago Ormus sent me a few messages. The first one was "I welcome the other substance". The other substance was Noni Juice. That message unintentionally became my life mission. It started building what I came to recognize as a bridge of understanding and experiences that opened a new world and perspective of nature that I hope to share with everyone. It's with these discoveries that I've decided to offer a series of video conferences beginning Sunday, July 12th.

My desire is to inspire and help people connect with their inner voice. SOMETHING brought you to this group and it's up to you to find out what is here for you. I assure you it is not NOTHING. If you believe that, it's because you haven't opened your eyes. I admit to not having all the answers, but the magic is in the question and not in the answer. I believe I can help you formulate a more perfect question.

Contact Sharon at Facebook:  Sharon Rose Ingersoll
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